Thursday, January 17, 2013

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Units - Empire

This is an overview of Units (and combat) for Warhammer: Mark of Chaos, v1.72. Specific units, grouped by faction, are discussed in separate posts. A list of all our Warhammer: Mark of Chaos articles can be found here.

We are looking at Units and Combat from the perspective of the CAMPAIGNS, not multiplayer wargaming.

Empire Units

  • Their special ability is to be uncontrollable but immune to morale effects in melee.


  • Armor-piercing shots means they treat armour as being at 50% value.
  • Volley ability has a range slightly shorter than regular firing range, as well as a very long cooldown. Best used when the enemy is at full strength to suddenly break their morale by inflicting large casualties. You can select several regiments of handgunners to have them all use their Volley on the same target regiment.
  • Long range on bows but no armor piercing. Very low model count at level 1.
  • Scouting unit, so you need at least 1 regiment, though not all the time -- They are very useful for locating enemy artillery without getting shot at. If you don't have any other shooters, get them instead of melee units.
  • The very small regiment size at level 1 makes this a tough regiment to level up until they get their ranks greatly expanded at level 2.
Knights of the Blazing Sun

Knights Panther

  • Basically mounted handgunners. Skirmisher unit with no Volley Shot ability.
  • Treat these like a regiment of handgunners. You can race them around for fire brigade style support, but in the Empire Campaign you don't have enough of them and would need a hero to take point.
  • You cannot attach a hero to this regiment.
  • Very annoying tendency for some of their number to end up very much farther ahead than is necessary to hit the enemy or where you have designated the regiment to stop.

  • A great turtling unit as they have the ability to drastically improve Armour (at the cost of fighting ability). This can be further combined with an Empire hero's Tenacity and Armour of Contempt for an obscene armour rating very early in the Empire Campaign.
  • Still not as good as having a hero up front and as many shooters as possible focussing fire and killing off the enemy quickly.
  • Keep at least one regiment for clearing battlements unless you can get something better, like Dwarven regiments (that have 2 HP per model).

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