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Dungeon Siege III - Lucas Montbarron - Walkthrough - Part 3 (Glacern, Glitterdelve)

Here are general tips for playing Lucas Montbarron in Dungeon Siege III and the Treasures of the Sun DLC on Hardcore. A list of all our Dungeon Siege III posts can be found here.

We won't be hand-holding you through everything, but instead just give tips on situations that we found tricky.

Area 8: Glacern
  • Very linear, nothing really special.
  • Tight corridors can result in bad camera angles where you can't see anything in combat. Also can result in soem monsters able to see and shoot at you before they are on screen.
Area 9: Glitterdelve
  • Nothing really special until you start the defence of the Royal Court.
  • Azunite Lieutenants
    • Virtually impossible to solo Lucas here because the fire aura does so much damage on Hardcore difficulty.
    • His blocking is directional, so get behind him and let a companion shoot him. Katarina, who relies mostly on shooting, is probably better than Anjali here but any companion does fine if they decide to shoot instead of melee.
      • If he won't turn around, try hitting him with Wind Slash from outside his fire aura.
      • If they get close to your companion, typically your companion will not react to the aura (except get damaged) and just fight in close range. Which on HardCore will kill them in seconds.
    • If you get into trouble or if your companion dies, retreat back to the save point. Eventually the boss will walk back and combat will end.
      • If your companion is unconscious, they automatically revive. Do not go too far back if you can help it because the Azunite Lieutenant will be at full health again. If possible, just lead him and circle around in the chamber.
    • You can dodge Lucas through the aura safely as long as he does not end his dodge inside the aura.
  • Warbeast - I found this impossible on HardCore for several reasons.
    • Lucas must be "inside" the warbeast and close enough to its targeting circle in order to actually hit it. This makes getting out of the stomp radius very hard.
    • Automatic camera angles are very bad. It's slightly better if you turn that option off, but there is still no guarantee you won't suddenly be put in an angle where you can't see anything around you.
    • Try to keep the Warbeast in sight at all times.
      • If it goes offscreen, you could easily lose track of it and it can then just dash in and squash you. It can do upwards of 800 damage depending on the type of the attack (in HardCore mode, without the Treasures of the Sun DLC), and it can dash faster and further than your Heroic Charge.
    • Azunite Assassins run faster than Lucas and do not suffer a hit reaction. So they really can't be ignored especially when they do close to 500 damage per hit. Also, archers shoot at him from offscreen. When I stop to deal with them, I lose track of the Warbeast, and more often than not, it suddenly runs by and flattens Lucas in one hit.
      • If you can take a few hits from the WarBeast, then the situation isn't so bad, since the enemy mobs aren't hurting you so badly also, and there's time to heal with Abilities or Vampirism.
  • After the WarBeast, you cannot revisit any part of Glitterdelve between the Glacern Causeway and the Tumbledown Court.
sample DS3 camera angle 1

sample DS3 camera angle 2

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