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Dungeon Siege III - Lucas Montbarron - Walkthrough - Part 2 (Swamps)

Here are general tips for playing Lucas Montbarron in Dungeon Siege III and the Treasures of the Sun DLC on Hardcore. A list of all our Dungeon Siege III posts can be found here.

We won't be hand-holding you through everything, but instead just give tips on situations that we found tricky.

Area 6: Eastern Swamp to Stonebridge Grand Chapterhouse
Bridge from Raven's Rill area
  • It is interesting to get Katarina here because if you are level 11+ (on Hardcore we were level 12), all her Abilities are unlocked so you can skip some and grab all upper tier abilities -- unlike Lucas and Anjali, who levelled up from a low level and were forced to pick all the Legionnaire skills before taking Master skills. Keep this in mind when you pick her skills.
    • An interesting idea is to wait for everything to unlock before ever selecting her as your companion. Unless she is the active companion, she does not have to spend any of her development points.
  • She can waste her Focus on Flintlock Fury by continuing to fire even when there is no target around.
  • Depending on your play style, Anjali's sense of justice is probably a better fit for a Lucas / good ending story and for gaining Influence with proper dialogue choices. However, Katarina may be the better battle companion because she will hang back, making tactical withdrawals easier than having to wait for Anjali to disengage from melee.
  • If you don't like choosing a companion, use the AddMoney console command to properly outfit all of them at stores instead of grinding for money to outfit more than one companion.
Gas Spores
  • From the time you enter the Bioluminescent Caves and into the Swamp, look out for the smaller spores on the ground. They release a gas that occasionally has the ability to heal you at a rate of about +50 per second.
Royalist Camp
  • (Katarina Influence Gain) "(Lie) We're just travelers."
  • (Anjali Influence Gain) "Let's attack the village."
  • When you exit the camp to Gloamwood Bog, Anjali will advise you to speak with Odo about Devonsey. Katarina does not do so here. If you walk all the way back to the Legion Chapterhouse, Odo has nothing to say about it.
Area 7: First Peoples

Bridge to Maru-Yatum
  • If you get to the bridge to the clearing where you will meet Maru-Yatum, and it is still down, there will be a brief camera pan to the wheel that extends the bridge. At that bridge, Lucas can use Wind Shear to hit some of the enemies across the bridge first.
  • Fighting Maru-Yatum is like fighting Vera in Stormsong Cavern, except harder.
  • He has a near-constant stream of minions and will probably take out your Companion early.
    • The minions and swamp creatures have low Health compared to the ones you have encountered so far.
    • Don't try to revive your companion or you will probably be squashed (on Hardcore) while doing it by Maru-Yatum's fan-bolt magic attack.
  • You can get a few quick free hits initially using Heroic Charge, a couple of slashes, and Heroic Charge again. Then get out before minions swarm you or he fires his fan bolt attack.
  • You can release prisoners (who, curiously, were imprisoned with their weapons).
    • They will die from Maru-Yatum's fan bolt, but Maru-Yatum probably won't target them, so they will probably get hit by it only if you are nearby and Maru-Yatum fires at you. If not engaged, they will shoot at Maru-Yatum.
    • You can duck into the cage for cover against Maru-Yatum's fan-bolt.
  • The key to this battle is recognizing that Maru-Yatum has two combat modes: Fan Bolt and Ground Aura and each lasts maybe 10 seconds or so.
    • He alternates between the two and it's hard to keep positioned while dodging everything to see what mode he is in, so you need to have a sense of what he's doing at the moment.
    • His Fan Bolt comes in pulses and you can typically hear it coming. Dodge even if you think you will outrun it while you are running around the perimeter trying to avoid it. Like Vera's attack, EACH bolt causes damage, so if you are up close and get hit by multiple bolts, you're pretty much finished.
    • His Ground Aura is damaging, but not nearly as much. Get in, Heroic Charge a couple of times, then get out and heal.
  • While you are running from his Fan Bolt, in between the attacks you can Wind Shear Maru-Yaum and his minions. You can't get a good view of the battlefield, so use Wind Shear pointed roughly toward Maru-Yatum.
  • Don't let your health get too low because the minions have attacks that can cause Bleeding.
  • After the fight: (Anjali Influence Gain) "He's naive."
Area 8: Stonebridge Chapterhouse

  • Ursula/Supply Lines quest:
    • (Anjali Influence Gain) "I'll deal with them."
    • (Katarina Influence Gain) "What's the reward?"
Books and Reopening the Causeway
  • Dodge around and grab the books. As Anjali says, the armor suits cannot be defeated, only put down. And there are too many of them to make all of them stay down.
  • Each time you reach a checkpoint (reading the initial manuscript that tells you about the books, or grabbing one of the four books) all enemies disappear from the current area and all fire turrets stop, so you get a breather.
    • If your companion is seriously wounded, just idle. Companions have free health recovery after a while. Apparently this doesn't require Power Orbs.
  • Once you get the quest to recover the books, you cannot save your game until you get all four. If for whatever reason you cannot complete the sequence, try force-saving with the console during each checkpoint.
  • (Anjali Influence Gain) "He abandoned us.", "The queen is more important."
  • (Katarina Influence Gain) "The Meisters are stronger."

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