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Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Orc Warboss

Here are general tips for playing the Chaos Champaign in Warhammer: Mark of Chaos, on HARD Difficulty. A list of all our Warhammer: Mark of Chaos articles can be found here.

Orc Warboss Skills
  • You get every skill at rank 0 as long as you fulfill the prerequisites.
  • Any skill with no skill prerequisite deserves special attention because you can bank your points and get 5 ranks of it immediately when you reach the necessary level, instead of spending your points on low-level skills you may not want.
  • Look for passive skills that require no mana, because one or two really good skills on a hero will monopolize use of the mana pool anyway.
Combat Skills
Green Roar (Level 0)
  • The roar of the hero instantly decreases the morale of nearby enemy units by 10 (+2 per rank) and increases the attack speed of the hero by 50% at the cost of 50% armour (-5% per rank).
Green Roar > Call of the Waaagh! (Level 5)
  • While affected by the Green Roar, the hero's attack speed is increased by 10% (+10% per rank).
  • At 5/5, this supposedly increases the attack speed to 110%!
Swift of Foot (Level 0)
  • Increases move speed by 2% per rank.
Swift of Foot > Deflection (Level 15)
  • Increases the hero's defence against ranged attacks by 5% per rank.
(no prerequisites) > Indomitable Constitution (Level 5)
  • Increases HP by 1 per rank.
(no prerequisites) > Bladestorm (Level 15)
  • Each attack has a 4% (+4% per rank) chance to increase the next attack's speed by 50%.
  • Theoretically, when combined with Call of the Waaagh!, attack speed can be increased to 160% of normal.
Swift of Foot > Deflection >, Bladestorm > Whirling Choppa (Level 25)
  • The hero whirls his weapon, damaging all enemy targets around him for 1 HP with 40% chance to hit (+8% per rank).
Duel Skills
These skills are only available during a duel. All other skills that need to be activated are disabled. Therefore, any points put here may be unavailable most of the time, and specializes your hero into an anti-hero build. Even so, it is hard to say whether you will get enough mileage out of a duelist hero because after a bout, he may have low health and no be able to handle a second bout. Damage is typically done by attrition unless you have invested a lot of points.

Deadly Strike (Level 0)
  • Give 5% per rank chance to do 1 extra damage with melee attacks.
Gork's Strength (Level 0)
  • Increases the hero's damage by 1 with chance to hit adjustment of (-33% + 10% per rank).
Gork's Strength > Cunnin' Dodge (Level 5)
  • Decreases the opponent's chance to hit by 25% (+5% per rank) for 10 seconds.
Gork's Strength > Sneaky 'Eadbutt (Level 15)
  • Interrupts the opponent casting and stuns him for 2 seconds (+0.5 seconds per rank).
Gork's Strength > Sneaky 'Eadbutt > Da Power of Mork (Level 25)
  • 8 second casting time.
  • The hero gains the ultimate frenzy, empowering his next 3 attacks to do 4 damage each. +5% chance to hit per rank. Additionally, these empowered attacks will restore 5 morale (+1 morale per rank) to the hero for every hit.
(no prerequisites) > Lord of Battle (Level 5)
  • When entering a duel, the hero gains 1 HP per rank.
Lord of Battle > Avenger (Level 5)
  • When the enemy hero makes a successful attack, your hero's chance to hit is increased by 5% (+5% per rank) for 5 seconds.
Command Skills
Passive Command skills work on the hero if they are not attached to a regiment.

Waaagh! (Level 0)
  • Turns the hero and the attached regiment into a frenzied state, making themselves immune to morale effects. The hero cannot be challenged to a duel when frenzied. Can only be activated if the hero is in melee combat. Lasts 15 seconds (+3 seconds per rank).
Stomp 'em (Level 25)
  • The hero and the attached regiment instantly hurl any nearby units to the ground. The hurled units suffer 1 HP damage with 15% (+3% per rank) chance to hit.
Tenacity (Level 0)
  • Increases the armour of the hero and the attached regiment by 0.4 per rank.
(no prerequisites) > Bellowed Exhortations (Level 5)
  • The hero and the attached regiment's stamina increases by 3% per rank.
Bellowed Exhortations > Swift Command (Level 15)
  • he hero and the attached regiment's attack speed increases by 3% per rank.
(no prerequisites) > Warmonger (Level 5)
  • The hero and the attached regiment's chance to hit increases by 2% per rank.
Warmonger > Inspired Leader (Level 15)
  • The hero and the attached regiment's maximum morale increases by 2% per rank.

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