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Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Bright Wizard

Here are general tips for playing the Chaos Champaign in Warhammer: Mark of Chaos, on HARD Difficulty. A list of all our Warhammer: Mark of Chaos articles can be found here.

Bright Wizard Skills
  • You get every skill at rank 0 as long as you fulfill the prerequisites.
  • Any skill with no skill prerequisite deserves special attention because you can bank your points and get 5 ranks of it immediately when you reach the necessary level, instead of spending your points on low-level skills you may not want.
  • Look for passive skills that require no mana, because one or two really good skills on a hero will monopolize use of the mana pool anyway.
  • For infantry regiments, the Bright Wizard and the Captain / Elector Count are the two basic Empire choices for a front line blocker. If you are looking at a unit to tank and give handgunners cover, then the Captain is basically the high-armour choice while the Bright Wizard helps a regiment take less hits with the Flaming Shield of Andor. The enhancements for the Flaming Shield aren't really that great, so I recommend instead a Combat build with Fireball, Spell Focus, and Conflagration of Doom. After that, there isn't really much of particular urgency or usefulness to get.
Combat Skills

Fireball (Level 0)
  • Hurls a fiery projectile at the target causing 3 damage with 50% (+10% per rank) chance to hit. Units around the target suffer 1 damage at 11% (+2.2% per rank) chance to hit.
  • At 5/5 ranks this is 100% chance of 3 damage to the main target, and 22% chance to hit surrounding targets for 1 HP.
  • The total casting time is about 3 seconds.
  • It does not appear that you can target a specific model in a particular regiment.
  • No friendly fire effect.
Fireball > Master of Aqshy (Level 5)
  • The Fireball spell creates a burning area under the target. The area burns for 6 seconds and deals 1 damage for every 2 seconds with 1.4% chance (+1.4% per rank).
  • Maximum 8.4% chance x 3 chances = ~77% chance of no damage for each model.
  • Best use when enemies are already in melee combat and unlikely to retreat until their morale is broken; or on archers, who typically stand still unless they flee or they need to pursue targets who have moved out of range.
  • No friendly fire effect.
Fireball > Master of Aqshy > Conflagration of Doom (Level 25)
  • A blazing inferno erupts at target area causing 2 damage to all targets near the centre at 35% (+5% per rank) chance to hit. All targets at the edge of the inferno suffer 1 damage at 15% (+3% per rank) chance to hit.
  • Maximum 60% / 30% to inflict any damage.
  • Most models have 1 HP, so if they are hit, they typically die.
  • You set the target location, so instead of leading your shot against moving regiments, use this on static regiments (such as shooters) or when multiple regiments are massed against a front line hero drawing fire.
  • Even if you have maximized Fireball, you still want to develop this because it then lets you have two strong attack spells to alternate, further increasing your overall kill rate.
Spell Focus (Level 0)
  • Reduces the cooldown of all spells by 6% per rank.
Spell Focus > Spell Mastery (Level 5)
  • Increases the range of all spells by 4% per rank.
  • Not as useful as Spell Focus which, combined with the somewhat short cooldown of the Fireball spell, lets the Wizard cast Fireball very frequently.
(no prerequisites) > Swift of Foot (Level 5)
  • Increases move speed by 2% per rank.
Swift of Foot > Indomitable Constitution (Level 15)
  • Increases HP by 1 per rank.
Duel Skills
These skills are only available during a duel. All other skills that need to be activated are disabled. Therefore, any points put here may be unavailable most of the time, and specializes your hero into an anti-hero build. Even so, it is hard to say whether you will get enough mileage out of a duelist hero because after a bout, he may have low health and no be able to handle a second bout. Damage is typically done by attrition unless you have invested a lot of points.

Supernatural Resilience (Level 0)
  • Decreases the attacker's chance to hit by 5% per rank.
Supernatural Resilience > Strength of Purpose (Level 5)
  • In a duel, the hero's morale will not drop below 10% per rank.
Supernatural Resilience > Strength of Purpose > Curse of the Flame (Level 15)
  • Interrupts the opponent. The opponent takes an additional 1 damage from each magical attack the hero makes. Lasts 6 seconds (+1.5 seconds per rank).
Fiery Blast (Level 0)
  • Attacks the opponent for 2 damage with 100% chance to hit. 10% per rank chance that the target will burn for 3 seconds and suffer 1 damage each second.
Fiery Blast > Pillar of Fire (Level 5)
  • Decreases the opponent's chance to hit by 10% (+4% per rank). For every melee attack the opponent makes, there is a 15% (+3% per rank) chance that they will take 1 damage. Lasts 10 seconds.
Fiery Blast > Pillar of Fire > Master of the Winds (Level 15)
  • Decreases the cost of all spells by 2% per level.
Fiery Blast > Firestorm of Rhuin (Level 25)
  • 8 second casting time.
  • A swirling inferno surrounds the opponent causing 5 damage (+1 per rank) with 100% chance to hit. The opponent burns for 1 damage each second for 5 seconds with 30% (+5% per rank) chance to hit.
Command Skills

Passive Command skills work on the hero if they are not attached to a regiment.

Burning Icon (Level 0)
  • The hero and the attached regiment suffer 5% less morale loss.
Flaming Shield of Andor (Level 0)
  • The attacker's chance to hit is reduced by 25% (+4% per rank). There is a 10% (+2% per rank) chance that the melee attacks will be reflected, causing 1 damage.
  • At 5/5 ranks this is a reduction of 45% chance to hit, and a 20% chance of damage reflection.
Flaming Shield of Andor > Magical Ward (Level 5)
  • Increases the hero's and the attached regiment's magic resistance by 0.5 per rank.
Flaming Shield of Andor > Magical Ward > Fury of the Forge (Level 15)
  • Reduces the target's armour to 0 for 10 seconds (+2 seconds per rank) and damages the enemy with 7% chance to hit.
  • This is probably better and faster at hero-killing (using a regiment of shooters) than Duelling.
Flaming Shield of Andor > Aura of Immolation (Level 25)
  • All enemy units around the hero and his regiment have a 2% chance to be Immolated. Immolated units suffer 1 damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds with a 10% chance. Radius increased by 0.5 per rank.
  • At 10% chance, there is approximately a 60% chance that an Immolated unit will be unharmed throughout that 10 seconds.
(no prerequisites) Divine Sight (Level 5)
  • The hero's and the attached regiment's attack range increases by 2% per rank.
Divine Sight > Eagle Eye (Level 15)
  • Increases the hero's and the attached regiment's chance to hit with ranged attacks by 5% per rank.
  • Does not affect the Bright Wizard's spellcasting range.

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