Thursday, January 17, 2013

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Units - Elven

This is an overview of Units (and combat) for Warhammer: Mark of Chaos, v1.72. Specific units, grouped by faction, are discussed in separate posts. A list of all our Warhammer: Mark of Chaos articles can be found here.

We are looking at Units and Combat from the perspective of the CAMPAIGNS, not multiplayer wargaming.

Elven Units

  • The Fire Arrows are very good against non-daemons and should always be turned on since you can make up for the lower shooting rate with the ability to scare off the enemy, which gets you free shots from behind. Also, the enemy automatically comes back when their morale has regenerated enough, which may mean they can get broken again very quickly.
  • The Fire Arrows seem to be useless against daemons and does not reduce their stability (daemons do not have a regular morale score; instead, they have a stability score and low stability means they are more likely to be hit).
Ellyrian Reavers

Great Eagle

Repeater Bolt Thrower
  • This is strangely a very bad piece of artillery despite its accuracy stat. Prone to very wide misses, even when the target is moving slowly or not moving at all. Range is also very low compared to other artillery.
Shadow Warriors
  • Basically archers with stealth, but with slightly lower accuracy and fire rate, as well as a lower model count.
  • You need at least one regiment to scout for your artillery. If you don't have anything else, having these are better than melee regiments.
  • The very small regiment size at level 1 makes this a tough regiment to level up until they get their ranks greatly expanded at level 2.
Silver Helms

  • They have a turtling skill that tightens their ranks even more, slows them down, but supposedly gives them more armor when attacked from the front. Strangely lousy in practice. Also the wider enemy ranks tend to wrap around, meaning attacks from the flank.
  • If a regiment is behind them, their movement slows as well, possibly because they cannot push through or walk in between, which is normally possible.
Swordmasters of Hoeth
  • High armor, high accuracy, high attack rate. Attacks are armour piercing (treats enemy armour at half value).
  • Have an Honour of Hoeth power that can only be used at 1/3rd health. Immune to morale effects, attacks all enemy models around them, and armor reduced to 0. Basically a suicide skill when the regiment is about to be wiped out.

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