Thursday, January 17, 2013

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Chaos Campaign - Chapter 4, Mission 2

Here are general tips for playing the Chaos Champaign in Warhammer: Mark of Chaos, on HARD Difficulty. At the end of Chapter 1, Mission 6, we chose Nurgle instead of Khorne. A list of all our Warhammer: Mark of Chaos articles can be found here.
We won't be hand-holding you through absolutely everything, but instead just give tips on situations that we found tricky or that you might not have considered.

Chapter 4:

Mission 2: Graverobber (optional)

  • The main danger in this mission is losing troops due to unexpected skirmishes with undead. Until you destroy the vampire lord, regiments of undead will pop up. If the wrong regiment is engaged, you might lose one or two models and before you can move the Grey Seer over to restore their numbers, you might miss the time limit after which the Favoured Minion spell will not replace models. Other than this, the mission is extremely easy.
  • Each time you kill the Vampire Lord, you get XP. You could therefore try to idle in this mission to get a lot of XP for your heroes, but the rate is so slow that it is really not worth your while. By now, your heroes should be around level 30 and have the core skills you really want to develop, so you might as well just move on in the campaign.

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