Friday, January 11, 2013

Dungeon Siege III - Cheats / Console

Here are gameplay tips for playing Dungeon Siege III and the Treasures of the Sun DLC. A list of all our Dungeon Siege III posts can be found here.

For many reasons, we highly recommend enabling the console. You will need to download some free third-party files to enable the console in Dungeon Siege III and to get the basics of how to open the console in Dungeon Siege III. Here are some useful commands:

  • Closes the console. Without this command, you cannot close the console window and get back to the game.
auto_grant_empowered_attacks 1
  • Normally, to use an Empowered Ability, you will first need to repeatedly use an Ability until the "Mastery" bar is full. This represents your experience with the Ability. When you have Mastered it, you can now use Power Orbs to use the Empowered version of the Ability. Some are gold, like Lucas's Blade Dash, which becomes no longer linear but strikes every opponent he can reach. Others are only slightly more useful.
    • The problem with the existing system is that it is incredibly slow to achieve Mastery, and for some Abilities, you may not use them enough to ever gain Mastery.
  • This console command allows you to use Power Orbs to empower your abilities whether you have Mastery or not. You will not get in-game feedback (pressing Shift, which toggles Empowering an action with a Power Orb, will still grey out an Ability if you do not have Mastery), but it will work fine.
  • You will need to execute this command when you first load a game. It lasts until you close Dungeon Siege III.
  • You can revert to normal by using auto_grant_empowered_attacks 0
add_money 100000
  • Gives you 100,000 gold. You can use whatever value you want, including negative values to reduce gold.
  • Tedious but legitimate ways to get gold or gear:
    • You can reload a game to try getting a better drop from treasure chests and the like.
    • Grind maps to kill spawned mobs for gold and occasional loot drops.
    • Look for respawning breakables.
  • When you reload a game, shops refresh their content. Use this to rebuild your characters' gear set if you have to. For example, if you are too low on Stamina and bosses can kill you in one hit on HardCore, you may need to get a new set of gear with some focus on Stamina.
add_xp 100000
  • Gives your main character 10,000 Experience Points. You can use whatever value you want, including negative values to reduce XP.
  • Reducing XP will not undo levelling. You cannot change your Ability/Proficiency/Talent allocation this way.
  • Your current companion will not immediately get the XP. When you select them from reserve, they will get the XP, so switch them out, then select them again.
  • Toggles "god mode" for the main character, which means you take no damage.
    • Because you take no damage, you will also not build momentum and recharge your Power Orb from taking hits.
    • You do not get healing from your abilities.
  • You need to execute this command every time you load a game.
  • Use this to get past boss fights quickly. Some events happen after a boss fight but before you can get to a save point. This means if you want to check out different dialogue options or want to try to get a different loot drop from a boss, you would have to re-do a boss fight all over again. Using god helps this along.
modal_close_all; save
  • Close the console window, and then execute the "save" command, which lets you save anywhere in the game, not just at checkpoints. You still need to be out of combat.
  • The reason the game has save checkpoints is because enemies respawn on the map pretty much every time you reload a game or after some time. If you save near or at such a spawn location, you will be attacked as soon as you load a game. Other than that, it is generally safe to save your game with this console command.
  • Change all settings to default values.

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