Thursday, January 17, 2013

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Cheat Codes / Console Commands

Here are the cheat codes for Warhammer: Mark of Chaos, v1.72.
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Press [Enter] and a Message Box will appear in the lower left corner. You need to be in a mission. You can enter the codes during the Deployment Phase.

Love the Gelt 1000
  • Sets your current Gold reserve to 1000. You can put in any number instead of 1000. That is just an example.
  • NOT a modification. If you have 5000 gold and entered the line above, your current Gold reserve becomes 1000.
  • This is an important cheat to know because the game does not let you grind side missions to get more money. You can do optional missions for a bit extra, but if you make a mistake in spending money, there is no way to get more. If you are devastated in a mission and lose a lot of troops and units, the game is also effectively over and you have to roll back to a point where you had enough troops and money.
    • In the Chaos Mission, at the end of Chapter 1 Mission 6, you will get a Ring of Change which lets you create Wyrdspawn. You get to keep them at the end of a mission and can sell them for cash.
Strong Wind
  • Fills your Mana bar.
Irresistible Force
  • Select a unit first. All powers currently in cooldown end the countdown and are immediately ready to use for that one unit.
Army Creep
  • Toggles "god mode". When on, your unit takes no damage.
    • Certain effects can still hurt your regiment, such as the Warlock Engineer's Warp Bombs or contesting an occupied castle tower.
  • If you have no units selected, it works on all the player's forces, including all units created or acquired during a mission, and units on future missions in the same game session, even if they are not present at the moment.
  • If you select a unit, it toggles god mode for that unit only, and seems to remove it from the general pool that is affected when you use this command with no units selected.

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