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Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Cheats, Strategies, and Walkthroughs

This post lists all our articles on Warhammer: Mark of Chaos v1.72.

Empire Campaign Walkthrough

Chapter 1 - The Call of War

Mission 1 - Tower of Darkness
Mission 2 - Saviour
Mission 3 - Green Dawn
Mission 4 - Retribution
Mission 5 - Green Blockade

Chapter 2 - The Hosts of Ulthuan

Mission 1 - Minions of the Under-Empire
Mission 2 - Muster the Warhost
Mission 5 - Heavy Crossing
Mission 6 - Lord of Skulls
Mission 7 - Army of Blood

Chapter 3 - The Enemy Within

Mission 1 - In the Name of Sigmar!
Mission 2 - Caravan of Carnage
Mission 3 - Caves of the Dead
Mission 4 - Knives in the Night
Mission 6 - Shrine of Chaos
Mission 7 - Fortress of Decay
Chapter 4 - The Final Stand

Mission 1 - Dark Citadel
Mission 2 - Destroy the Green Menace
Mission 3 - Horde of Decay

Chaos Campaign Walkthrough

Chapter 1 - The Will of the Gods

Mission 1 - Honour the Gods
Mission 2 - First Sacrifice
Mission 3 - Reclaim the Relics
Mission 5 - The Flylord
Mission 6 - Trial of the Gods

Chapter 2 - The Wrath of the Rat-Kin

Mission 1 - Herald of the Dark Gods
Mission 2 - Ratmaster
Mission 4 - Festermarsh Reclaimed
Mission 5 - Battle of Briartangle
Mission 6 - Warriors of the Gods
Mission 7 - To Catch An Elf

Chapter 3 - The Path to Glory

Mission 1 - Tunnelfight
Mission 2 - Bringers of Darkness
Mission 3 - Blood on the Sands
Mission 5 - Dark Ascension

Chapter 4 - The Rise of Chaos

Mission 1 - Hammer of Justice
Mission 2 - Graverobber
Mission 3 - Crossing the Rubec
Mission 4 - A Brave Stand
Mission 5 - City of Death

General Articles

Cheat Codes / Console

Units and Hero Skills
You get all skills when you reach the appropriate level, but you cannot put points into a skill unless you meet the listed prerequisite of 5/5 ranks in certain skills (although many skills require no prerequisite skills).

Miscellaneous Tips
  • The AI typically does not try to flank you unless it is scripted for a particular mission. Instead, it targets the nearest enemy unit.
  • You can use directories in your save game folder to help you organize many saves. In the game load/save interface, you can click on  those directories to enter them.
  • When you buy a hero, it starts at the same level as your main campaign hero.
  • Items you find (e.g., dropped by enemy regiments or destroyed buildings) are automatically picked up from the map when you win and the pop-up appears to quit the map. Items you DROP onto the map are NOT automatically picked up.
  • To exchange items between heroes during a mission, drag it from inventory onto empty space on the world map and it will drop. Have the other hero pick it up.
  • When a unit is given to you free at level 2, it has no XP at all. It must first earn XP to advance from level 1 to 2 before the XP bar will start to fill toward level 3.
  • It is cheaper to buy level 3 weapons and armor upgrades than to buy them incrementally (e.g., buy level 1 then upgrade to level 2 or level 3 later).

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