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Dungeon Siege III - Companion Influence Dialogue Choices and Events

Here are gameplay tips for playing Dungeon Siege III and the Treasures of the Sun DLC. A list of all our Dungeon Siege III posts can be found here.

In general, you will get Influence gains for companions when you have them as your active companion during key plot points. Some dialogues give you Influence no matter what you say. We will omit these since they are impossible to miss.

This guide is being reformatted and is still in progress.

The Search for Survivors
The dialogues for the early side-quests in Raven's Rill that you can do prior to getting your first companion have no Influence events.

Talking to Anjali:
[Anjali] "You wanted justice"

Talking to Odo:
[Anjali] "I believe you"

The Battle for Raven's Rill
Talking to Rajani:
[Anjali] "We're asking the questions" or "Anjali is a legionnaire"

On the Road
Talking to Odo:
[Anjali] "Let's go after Jeyne", "I agree"
[Lucas] "We need more Legionnaires", "You're wrong"

Talking to Katarina:
[Katarina] "To make the clan stronger"

The Root of the Matter
[Lucas] We're with the Legion
[Katarina] "(Lie) We're just travelers"
[Anjali] "Let's attack the village"
[Lucas] "Maybe we can negotiate"
[Anjali] "He's naive" (when speaking with Devonsey at the end of the quest)
[Lucas] "It's all right"

The Grand Chapterhouse
[Anjali] "He abandoned us", "The Queen's more important"
[Lucas] "We should recruit him"
[Katarina] "The Meisters are stronger"

Trouble in the Crypts
[Lucas] "They were stolen"

Supply Lines
[Anjali] "I'll deal with them"
[Katarina] "What's the reward?"

The Tumbledown Court
? [Anjali, Katarina] "If I must" (when speaking with Ibsen)
? [Lucas, Reinhart] "I'd rather not" (when speaking with Ibsen)
[Anjali] "I'm not sure" (when Roslyn talks about the Radiant Youth)
[Reinhart] "Why didn't I see you?", "Not this again"
[Lucas] "That's a lie"
[Katarina] "You need our help"

Ebb and Flow
[Anjali] "It'll save lives"
[Katarina] "It's a risk"
[Lucas] "Not very honorable"

Lord Devonsey's Trap
[Anjali, Katarina] "You're lying"
[Lucas, Reinhart] "I believe you"

[Anjali] "I don't believe her"
[Anjali, Lucas] "No, I won't"

[Katarina, Reinhart] "Yes, I'll try"

[Lucas] "Tell me the truth"
[Reinhart] It doesn't matter"

[Anjali] "No, she's weak"
[Reinhart] "Yes, she is"
[Lucas] "Time will tell"

[Anjali, Katarina] "Odo is right"
[Lucas, Reinhart] "Marten is right

[Anjali] "We'll need an army"
[Katarina] "Use the Causeways"

Majority Rules
[Anjali] "We only want justice", "Don't make a mistake"
[Katarina] "You need allies"
[Lucas] "My actions are enough"
[Reinhart] "I'll respect your decision"

Stolen Shipments
[Katarina] Ask Werner for a reward.
[Lucas] Don't ask Werner for a reward.

[Anjali] "We're defending the ironmongers"
[Reinhart] "You're arrogant"
[Katarina] "Impressive"
[Lucas] Choose in favour of the ironmongers
[Reinhart] Choose in favour of the cyclopes

Hostage Situation
[Reinhart] Refuse reward

The Automaton Rebellion
[Anjali, Lucas] Allow the Dapper Old Gent to be arrested
[Katarina, Reinhart] Recruit the Dapper Old Gent

Uncovering the Past
[Anjali] Make Wenzel stand trial, "You're going to jail."
[Reinhart] Don't make Wenzel stand trial
[Katarina] "Whatever you can offer", "You owe us"
[Lucas] "You owe us nothing", "I'm pressing charges"
[Reinhart] Ask Pratz for an apology

On Holy Ground
[Anjali] "I won't spare Jeyne."  / "You're lying."
[Lucas] "I won't spare Jeyne"
[Katarina] "Get out of the way"
[Reinhart] "What do you want?" / "Agreed -- no killing"
[Anjali] "We have unfinished business"
[Katarina] "I could say the same"
[Reinhart] "Surrender yourself"

Dungeon Siege
[Anjali] Leave Fitch in his cell.
[Reinhart] Free Fitch.

[Anjali] "Don't follow me", "Looking forward to it."
[Lucas] "I understand", "We have no choie"
[Katarina] "Any helpful advice?"

(DLC) Shared Destinies
[Anjali, Lucas] "You betrayed a friend"
[Katarina, Reinhart] "You were smart."

(DLC) The Thief of Hearts
[Anjali, Lucas] Expose Sister Jenna
[Katarina, Reinhart] Keep Sister Jenna's secret

(DLC) A Saintly Relic
[Anjali, Katarina] Keep the Ring of St. Hiram

[Luca, Reinharts] Return the Ring of St. Hiram

(DLC) The Agallan Vault
[Anjali, Katarina] Convince Sister Eleanor to join the Legion
[Lucas, Reinhart] Convince Sister Eleanor to stay with the church

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