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Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Units - Chaos

This is an overview of Units (and combat) for Warhammer: Mark of Chaos, v1.72. Specific units, grouped by faction, are discussed in separate posts. A list of all our Warhammer: Mark of Chaos articles can be found here.

We are looking at Units and Combat from the perspective of the CAMPAIGNS, not multiplayer wargaming.

Chaos Units

Overall Chaos has high armor and low range on their missile troops.

  • Explodes for fire damage in a fairly wide radius on death.
  • Has the "Crushing Blow" attribute and hits for 2 damage instead of the 1 damage shown on stats.
  • In general possibly better than Warriors of Chaos, but not by much as both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The key advantages here are higher HP and 2 damage per attack.
  • Strangely you can attach a Champion, Musician, and Banner Carrier.
Chaos Furies
  • Field these only if you need to fly over normally impassable terrain. They are otherwise inferior to a regular melee regiment.
Knights of Chaos (Knights of Khorne, Knights of Nurgle, Knights Undivided)
  • Knights of Chaos Undivided and Knights of Khorne have the same stats. Knights of Nurgle have inferior stats.
  • High health, armor, and magic defense make these the safest knights to use, but they are still very vulnerable to spearmen.
  • Would normally be a good unit to use, except in the Chaos Campaign, you cannot attach any heroes to them that can resurrect units -- the Chaos Undivided Sorcerer cannot be mounted, so you cannot attach him to any mounted unit, such as a Knight unit. In the campaign, use this only when you can regenerate lost models, such as at a Flame of the Gods.
  • The basic melee regiment and nothing special. Replace them with Chaos Warriors.
Marauder Axe Throwers
  • Pretty much the only missile regiment, so you should stock up on these.
  • Stats list damage as 1, but they have the "Crushing Blow" attribute: "Causes 2 damage with every successful hit."
  • Their attacks are supposed to cause plague in an entire enemy regiment, but I have never seen any stats for that or noticed it doing anything. The description reads, "Causes plague to enemy units when they hit them in melee combat. Plague is similar to poison, but instead of afflicting only a single unit, it damages the whole regiment for a short period of time."
  • In general possibly better than Warriors of Chaos but not by much as both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The key advantages here are higher HP and 2 damage per attack.
  • Has the "Unrelenting " attribute: Immune to charge impact.
Spawns of Chaos
  • Not available for your army in the Chaos Campaign.
Warhounds of Chaos
  • You can't attach any heroes, so you can't raise their armor with hero Command skills. Can't go up stairs. Just as fast as Knights. Rather pointless to take if you have Warriors of Chaos or Knights of Chaos.
Warriors of Chaos
  • Warriors of Khorne have a lot more magic defense, possibly to help defend against exploding Bloodletters on their own team.
  • As good as Bloodletters or Plaguebearers, depending on what you are aiming to do.
    • If you just need blocking, then their higher model count reduces the pressure to constantly resurrect the regiment with your Dark Sorcerer; plus you can improve their defenses with banners and hero Command skills.
    • If you are actively using the regiment to fight, then the daemons can do more damage because each model strikes for 2 damage instead of just one. Survivability is not as big an issue IF you have a Chaos Undivided Sorcerer to keep numbers up. Otherwise, to prevent losing an entire regiment and all upgrades, go with the Warriors of Chaos and their higher model count.
    • Can go up stairs, but the daemons cannot, so for sieges, you definitely want to have at least one strong regiment to sweep the battlements.
  • Single large monster. Pretty much always hits for 1 HP damage, but range is short and it is a single model from Level 0 to level 3. I personally prefer a bunch of axe throwers as they are much more verastile.
  • You can get  lots of these free in the Chaos Campaign. Sell some as you can only field so many regiments.
  • They cannot run.

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