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Dungeon Siege III - Anjali - Skills (Abilities, Proficiencies, Talents)

Here are general tips for playing Anjali in Dungeon Siege III and the Treasures of the Sun DLC. A list of all our Dungeon Siege III posts can be found here.

Anjali - Skill Selection and Use


Human Form
  • Her area spear attack here has a 4-attack sequence, ending in a force push.
Fire Form
  • In this form, her dodge is a teleport which ignores enemies in the way. Enemies normally block your dodge movement path.
  • Her fire attack has a limited range -- The bolts just vanish after that range.
  • The fire bolt attack has a 3-attack sequence ending in a double-bolt. The AI-controlled Anjali cheats as it can repeatedly use that double-bolt without having to repeat the entire 1-1-2 sequence.


If you are frustrated at not being able to reach Mastery in some or all Abilities because of the tediously slow rate of achieving Mastery, you may want to consider using the console code.

Human Form

Spinning Kick - Anjali leaps forward with a twirling kick, damaging all enemies in front of her.

  • When the AI uses Anjali, it will often spend all its focus doing this repeatedly if it doesn't kill an enemy. It will will this even against a single target.

Spinning Kick > Crushing Impact - Anjali's Spinning Kick gains a 10% chance per rank to stun enemies for 2 seconds.

  • It's probably better to invest in gear with Stagger instead, since even at 5/5 ranks, your investment only works half the time. And like all Stun effects, it does not work on major bosses.

Spinning Kick > Fire Dance - Spinning Kick has a 20% chance per rank to inflict a Burning damage over time effect on enemies.

Hurl Spear - Anjali hurls her spear through the air, damaging all targets in a straight line in front of her.

Hurl Spear > Blinding Strike - Enemies hit by Anjali's Hurl Spear attack have a 5% chance, per rank, to suffer a 3 second stun.
  • If you are generally going to use Hurl Spear against a bunch of minions, then this isn't bad to have IF you can't kill them outright. If you are close to killing them, then Incendiary Javelin might be better to burn off the last of their HP and kill them.
Hurl Spear > Incendiary Javelin - Anjali's Hurl Spear ability has a 20% chance, per rank in Incendiary Javelin, to set her opponents ablaze.

Fall From the Heavens - Anjali leaps into the air and crashes down at the targeted location, dealing heavy damage to any affected enemies.

Fall From the Heavens > Thunderous Descent - Anjali has a 10% chance, per rank in Thunderous Descent, to knock down enemies affected by Fall From the Heavens for 4 seconds.

Fall From the Heavens > Fall From the Heavens inflicts an additional 10% damage per rank.

Fire Form

Aura of Immolation - Anjali projects a circle of heat that burns an area for 9 seconds. Enemies caught in the area take damage over time.

  • Slow to start and pretty hard to use except against shooters who like to stand still anyway. Melee enemies will follow you around, so to get them to stay in the fire circle, you'd need to stand still as well.

Aura of Immolation > Fiery Presence - Each rank of Fiery Presence increases the Aura's damage per second by 10%.

Aura of Immolation > Anjali and any companions in the Aura of Immolation are slowly healed up to 2% of their total Hit Points per rank.
  • At 5/5 this is 10% over 9 seconds, or approximately 1% per second, AND a companion would need to stay in the Aura.
    • You cannot control Companions, so this is probably best taken if Anjali is a Companion since they are more likely to hang around in the area.
    • 1% per second is slightly less than everyone's basic healing power, but having to stay in a small radius means you'd have to block if you were swarmed. On HardCore, blocking is mostly useless as even mobs/minions hit for too much damage to completely soak with a Block.
Summon Jackal - Anjali summons a Fire Jackal to attack and harrass her foes.
  • Jackals don't seem to draw enemy attacks unless they happened to wander off and were the first to engage enemies.
Summon Jackal > Tireless Companion - Each rank provides an additional 10% bonus to the Hit Points of summoned Fire Jackals.
  • When used by a Companion Anjali, typically combat is long over before the Jackal dies (presumably because it wasn't summoned early in combat).
Summon Jackal > Canine Conflagration - Attacks from summoned Fire Jackals have a 10% chance, per rank, of inflicting a Burning damage-over-time effect.

Pillar of Fire - Anjali summons a massive pillar of fire at the targeted location.
  • For unclear reasons, the AI-controlled Anjali tends to summon this at her own location. It is possible that she is defending against enemies that come too close, or that she had wasted it on a weak enemy that was in melee with her.
Pillar of Fire > Staggering Heat - Pillar of Fire slows enemies by 15% per rank.

Pillar of Fire > Relentless Inferno - Each rank increases Pillar of Fire's damage by 10%.


Inner Warmth - Anjali enters a state of inner spiritual warmth, regenerating 50% of her health over the next 30 seconds.

Inner Warmth > Searing Warmth - Anjali's Inner Warmth grants her a 10% chance, per rank in Searing Warmth, to deal damage to enemies when she is attacked in melee.

Inner Warmth > Rejuvenating Spark - When Anjali uses Inner Warmth, she immediately regains 2% of her health per rank in Rejuvenating Spark.

Ignite - Anjali sets her weapon ablaze, increasing her damage by adding 50% of her will to her Attack DPS.

Ignite > Everlasting Flame - When struck by Anjali's weapons while Ignite is in effect, creatures have a 20% chance, per rank in Everlasting Flame, to be set afire.

Ignite > Radiating Warmth - When Anjali damages enemies with her weapon when it is ignited, she has a 5% chance per rank in Radiating Warmth to regain health.

Volatile Barrier - Anjali is encased in a volatile magical barrier, lasting up to 30 seconds. If it absorbs 25% of her health, it will explode, causing damage.

Volatile Barrier > Shroud of Radiance - Volatile Barrier can absorb 10% more damage per rank before collapsing.
Volatile Barrier > Fiery Backlash - The explosion from Volatile Barrier's collapse inflicts an additional 20% damage per rank.

Radiant Will - Anjali receives a 5% bonus to Will per rank in Radiant Will.

Grace of Flame - 5% of Anjali's Agility is also applied to Block Value per rank of Grace of Flame.
  • Get this only if you focus on Agility AND you Block a lot. Don't get this if you are trying HardCore since blocking is useless when enemies hit for so much damage.
Spiritual Devastation - Anjali's critical hits have a 4% chance to stun enemies per rank in Spiritual Devastation.

Phoenix's Warmth - Anjali has a 10% chance, per rank in Phoenix Warmth, to regenerate life when she takes damage.

  • Definitely get this as early as possible.

Militancy - Anjali's Critical Hits grant her additional Focus. The amount of Focus gained is increased with each rank of Militancy.

Radiance - Whenever Anjali is healed, she heals an additional 4% per rank in Radiance.

Fury of Fire - Anjali enters a combat fury after defeating opponents, that increases damage dealt for 10 seconds. Each rank increases damage dealt.

Brutality - Anjali's critical hits have a chance to spawn an Area of Effect attack that knocks down her opponents.

Defender's Advantage - When Anjali blocks an attack, she has a chance to gain Defender's Advantage, granting her bonus damage for 10 seconds.

Reprisal - Each time Anjali is hit, there is a 3% chance per rank that her attacker will suffer a burning damage over time effect.

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