Monday, March 11, 2013

Dawn of War II - Walkthrough - Days 1 to 5 - Tutorial

This is a walkthrough for the early Tutorial Missions, played on Primarch difficulty. Click here for a list of all our posts on Dawn of War II.

Mission 1 Stand With Your Brothers
  • Day 1
  • Hard to mess up this mission. At the very end, if you are somehow out of grenades, shooting the barrel stacks at the cave entrance will trigger an explosion and complete the mission.
Mission 2 Retake the Hamlet
  • Day 2
  • After you bomb the tower, the orcs that flee don't go very far apparently because the mission script disallows moving past the barricade of junk. You can go kill them first then revive Avitus.
  • Watch for melee combatants and grenades during the final defense.
Mission 3 Gutrencha - Automated Foundry, 13 stars
  • Day 3
  • 5 Fury, 5 Resilience, 3 Speed (21 minutes; best time so far is 19 minutes), no extra deployment was awarded.
  • Sometimes the Gutrencha mission (large village) will appear on the Skykilla's Raid map (small village surrounded by mountains).
  • I recommend going for the Automated Foundry as those ultimately help you get extra deployments.
    • The Skykilla's Raid map offers a Shrine. Since you cannot earn any extra deployments until Day 6, you could do Skykilla's Raid first and secure the Shrine to get a Rosarius if you need protection in these early missions.
  • Nothing special here except to keep your distance from Gutrencha. On Sergeant difficulty you can chase him with the Force Commander on melee for a bit, but at Primarch Difficulty, the Force Commander won't last long. If you have Battle Cry, use it to prevent your Force Commander from being knocked down.
  • Gutrencha has good reach, and a single hit on Primarch will mincemeat any one model except the Force Commander.
  • Do not enter a building as it reduces your mobility too much against his grenades and quake lines.
Mission 4 Skykilla's Raid - Shrine, 13 stars
  • Day 4
  • 5 Fury, 5 Resilience, 3 Speed (26 minutes; best time so far is 23 minutes), no extra deployment was awarded.
  • This mission plays out more or less the same as with Gutrencha, except instead of quake lines he jump-smashes into a location. Do not enter a building as it reduces your mobility to much.
  • It is easy to time a Demolition Charge Pack to explode while Skykilla is dazed after landing, but it apparently has no effect on him. Grenades work just fine, however.
Mission 5 The True Enemy - Communications Array, 12 stars
  • Day 5
  • 3 Fury, 5 Resilience, 4 Speed (8 minutes; best time so far is 7 minutes).
  • This is a rush mission and it is easy enough that you can try to move through it quickly.
  • Thaddeus is very vulnerable on Primarch after a jump, so use it when you won't get swarmed afterwards, or in an emergency. If you are suppressed or pinned, you can jump out to escape quickly.
  • You can get around 66% kills, but no more (and hence limited Rage stars) as apparently the Eldar kill off too many orcs.
  • If you have turrets, they can really help out because the Warlock can't push them back or kill them easily, so while he's working on them, you can grenade him.
  • Do not put your Force Commander in front of the Warlock as he has a very long range attack that can kill him outright (on Primarch difficulty) and thereby reduce your Saviour rating. All your other squads have squad members to take the hit, so put them up front and retreat them whenever you lose a member.
  • When the Warlock uses his force wave to push squads back, Avitus's individual squad members must set up again, and they do so wherever they land, and can thus end up widely spaced apart.

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