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Dawn of War II - Walkthrough - Day 9 - Defend the Foundry

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The available missions are: (some are probably randomly generated so your results may be different)
  • Calderis (3 foundries) - Hand of the Hive Mind, Greenskin Weaponsmith
  • Typhon (1 foundry) - Defend the Array (3 days left)
  • Meridian (1 foundry) - Indranel of the Ulthw√©, The Mantis Killer (5 days left), Defend the Foundry (2 days left)
As usual, the priority on the first mission of a campaign day is to secure 2 extra deployments. Because a regular mission usually forces you to trade Fury (kills) for Speed (time), a defence mission is helpful for this because you typically get 5 stars for both Fury and Speed just by completing the mission.
We chose the Meridian "Defend the Foundry" defence mission because it gives us an Automated Foundry, which we prioritize because it helps us get extra deployments. Also, this is a new map for Meridian so in addition to the automatically secured Foundry, we can get a second strategic point.
This is the final Automated Foundry we can capture (6/6). Since we start this mission with the Foundry awarded to us, we enter this mission with 6 out of 6 possible Automated Foundries, which in turn reduces the requirement for extra deployments on all planets:
  • Normally it is 13/15 for +1 deployment and 15/15 for +2 deployments.
  • Now it is 11/15 for +1 deployment and 14/15 for +2 deployments.
    • This means that all missions on Calderis, if we can get Fury 5 and Resilience 5, will award 2 extra deployments because even at Speed 1, we will get +3 from the 3 Automated Foundries there, for a total score of 14/15.
Mission 15 Defend the Foundry
  • Day 9, Fury 4 (91%), Resilience 5, Speed 5 (5 minutes), two extra deployments awarded (at 11 and 14 stars).
  • Infestation: Calderis 4, Typhon 4, Meridian 11
  • There is also a Communications Array on this map. You can capture it with Cyrus, but the defence mission will be hectic and Cyrus will be under a lot of time pressure. Having Advanced Infiltrate (which lets you use accessories while remaining undetected) is pretty much essential.
    • If you just click on the Array as Cyrus's end point, the path the game navigates for him is a pretty good one. He can basically avoid all the Tyranids except the ones around the Array; and there are a couple of places where he can come out of stealth safely to recover Power while not engaged by anyone.
      • If you have increased sight range (e.g., from special armour), be careful that when he is not Infiltrated, his sniping rifle will let him engage targets and thereby draw them to him.
      • If you want to avoid this and still have improved sight range, switch to a shotgun. This won't let him use High Powered Shot, but if you have Advanced Infiltrate, you are using Remote Detonators to clear your path anyway (and Detonation Charge Packs to clear Hive Nodes).
    • If you need a bit more time, you could possibly retreat from the final "boss" of the defend mission (just a mission critical target, probably a Tyranid Warrior With Barbed Strangler, but possibly a Carnifex; not particularly tough but has a boss health bar) until Cyrus captures the Communications Array.
  • Detonation Charge Packs are actually useful during the defence portion of the mission as the Tyranid assault swarms generally don't care about retreating from them. They might initially, but will continue to press forward shortly after.
  • Kills from mines do not seem to be credited to you, but they are a fairly good way to get at a Tyranid Warrior in the back of the swarm, as the mines given to you by the mission can be dropped anywhere you can see without having to have squad member nearby. Also, a mine will generally kill one right away whereas you might need three or more grenades to do so.
  • If you only have one turret, put it between the two Generators near the bunker.
    • This way, if Hormagaunts leap (and they leap very far) into your rear line, the turret should quickly take care of them so you do not have to double back to get them.
    • You actually do not want the turret to be primarily offensive and continuously engaged. Instead, have it always available to quickly target and attack enemies that make it to the back row and disrupt Avitus.
    • This is also near your rally point for a retreat (not the Automated Foundry).
  • No vehicles, but the missile launcher is still good here because even a miss can still send it into the large swarms and blow some up.

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