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Dawn of War II - Squad Build - Cyrus

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Squad Build - Cyrus
(Not for Chaos Rising)

Cyrus is basically about what accessories can be used while Infiltrated.
The overall best weapon for him is a Sniper Rifle, as even normal attacks instantly cause suppression on infantry in the area. Snipe them as you are advancing Tarkus to grenade them. Also great on defense missions as it buys you time to handle an attack wave.
On very long recon missions (such as going solo to secure an asset during a Defense mission), a Sniping Rifle can actually be a liability because when you are out of Infiltration to recover your Energy, the long range can let him engage and draw enemies to him.

Cyrus has the Demolition Charge Pack. Carnifexes won't run from a charge pack unlike just about every other type of enemy unit. It will take two or more to kill one Carnifex.

The traits we aimed for were in this order: Stillness, Specialist Ammunition, Advanced Infiltrate, Improved Load Out, Master Infiltrate, Improved Infiltration.


Starting Skills
  • Infiltration
    • The range at which various enemies or enemy structures (such as turrets) detect can vary, which makes it confusing to use at times.
  • Suppressive Fire
    • A limited use item gained when he has a Bolter equipped. Stands still and concentrates fire on a location, not an enemy squad.
    • Can be aborted by moving him, but he will not automatically end it even if there are no enemies to shoot.
  • Improved Infiltration - Cyrus and his squad are able to move at full speed while infiltrated.
  • Instant Revival - Cyrus becomes able to revive incapacitated squad leaders instantly.
    • Saves on Stimpacks, but I prefer to play carefully enough that squad leaders don't end up incapacitated.
  • Teleport Homer - Teleport in Scout reinforcements without the use of a secured relay.
    • Reinforcements start without Infiltration, so this isn't that great. When you don't need to be infiltrated, you might as well just quickly Retreat to a rally point and reinforce there.
  • Specialist Ammunition - Cyrus can use specialized ammunition with sniper rifles and shotguns.
    • Get this for High Powered Shot, but not before you get Stillness to make Infiltrate useful.
  •  He gains High Explosive Shot with shotguns, and High Powered Shot with sniper rifles.
  • Flamer Aptitude - Cyrus gains the ability to equip flamers. Unlocks Immolate, allowing him to use a flamer to ignite an area.
    • He stands still and for a period of time paints an area with the flamer. Similar to Suppressive Fire in that he stands still and the area targeted cannot move even if the enemy has left.
  • Mark Target - Any target Cyrus engages in ranged combat becomes marked. Any squad attacking a marked target does so with greatly increased accuracy.
  • Improved Load Out - Adds an Accessory slot.
    • Once you can stay Infiltrated safely for a long time, get this to bring more types of gear so that he is useful Infiltrated and using slow accessories (like Detonation Charge Packs) as well as when not Infiltrated and needing faster accessories between Sniping Rifle shots.
  • Drop Smoke - When Cyrus infiltrates or reveals himself, he drops a smoke grenade that stuns nearby enemies and drastically reduces the accuracy of their attacks.
  • Stillness - Infiltrate does not drain energy while Cyrus and his squad are standing still.
    • You really need this to make Infiltrate at all useful: Sometimes you need to just let the enemy walk by in order to get close enough for a throw. Sometimes a short retreat is all you need to get out of trouble. You can then stay put until your accessory cooldown ends.
    • Get this before Specialist Ammunition even if you do not yet have a Sniper Rifle as this can put you in position for you to use the special ammo for a sniper rifle or shotgun, both of which are good assassination tools.
  • Silent Revival - Cyrus can revive allied squad leaders while infiltrated without being detected.
    • This is sort of a silly power because if you need to infiltrate to get to a squad member, that person is in a dangerous zone and could get killed once they wake up. Cyrus might not even be able to get close enough to do it.
  • Advanced Infiltrate - Cyrus can use accessories while infiltrated without being detected.
    • This can let you severely wound or even kill bosses with High Powered Shot, which has extreme range. Just sit still and wait for your power cooldowns to end.
    • I recommend High Powered Shot over this because High Powered shot lets you take out key targets without having to get close enough to throw something. This can make a huge difference.
      • With regular Infiltrate, at worst you just need to force Retreat to get him out of trouble after using an accessory. You just need to be choosier about your targets.
      • Also, it is a long way to this power and in the meantime you could really get a lot of use out of High Powered Shot.
      • High Powered Shot has enough range to work when you are suddenly charged by the enemy and need to take out the most troublesome one so that you can handle the horde coming at you. (Like a Tyranid synapse creature or D-Cannon Grav Platform).
    • You will probably not have this by the time you get the Remote Detonator unless you recycle a lot of gear.
  • Master Infiltrate - Energy cost of Infiltrate is greatly reduced.
    • Allows for long recons through enemy territory or just sitting still waiting for your High Powered Shot to cooldown. Probably extends your recon time longer than Improved Infiltration.

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