Monday, March 11, 2013

Dawn of War II - Walkthrough - Day 7 - Eyes of the Eldar

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Mission 9 Eyes of the Eldar
  • Day 7
  • Fury 5, Resilience 5, Speed 4 (19 minutes). Combined with the bonus from Automated Fouundries, two extra deployments were awarded.
  • Tyranid Infestation: Calderis 4, Typhon 4. These starting figures at the end of Mission 6 are not affected by any Shrines you currently hold.
  • The hardest part of this mission is probably the small eldar Grav Platforms with some kind of cannon on it. All types need to set up before firing, but hit very hard.
    • Cyrus with grenades or a High-Powered Shot is a good counter. With grenades, you will probably need to retreat him quickly.
    • Tarkus advancing and retreating with Tactical Advance can also handle them with grenades, with the added bonus that if you have developed enough Will he could have the grenades-use-Energy Grenadier trait so you won't run out throwing them at infantry.
    • You can try to flank it, but typically there are eldar infantry around it and they can turn quite quickly.
    • A single grenade usually destroys one at this early stage of the game. In later missions, a single grenade won't do it. The Melta-Bombs from the previous mission will also work but are not required.
  • The shell-like shield generators go down immediately with a Demolition Charge Pack. You can order your squads to shoot them, but because they provide perfect cover it can be more useful to take advantage of them by lobbing grenades over to hit troops and vehicles behind it. Meanwhile, those troops and vehicles cannot fire at you unless they go around the field.
  • The Ranger Nemerian is hidden with a couple of squads near the Eldar Shield Generator at the location marked on your mini-map. You have to basically be right next to him to cause him or his squad to reveal; throw an explosive and damage hidden squads (two grenades might kill the Ranger outright); or capture the Teleporter Relay Beacon, which will reveal hidden targets in its sight range.
  • There are two hidden squads there plus the ranger. If you kill only one squad, rush back during the ending dialogue to kill the other one to ensure you get the maximum possible Rage Stars.
  • Unlike previous bosses, the Ranger will pursue you very far, but isn't very dangerous anyway except for an initial spread of grenades if you don't kill him quickly enough.

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