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Dawn of War II - Walkthrough - Day 11 extra deployment 1 - Remains of the Dark Age

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The available missions are:
  • Calderis (3 Foundries) - To Decapitate The Hive (5 days left)
  • Typhon (1 Foundry) - Remains of the Dark Age
  • Meridian (2 Foundries) - Angel Gate, Defend the Foundry (3 days left)
Only two plot-critical missions. We chose to do Remains of the Dark Age because it is on Typhon, which only has one Foundry, which makes securing extra deployments harder than on Meridian or Calderis. Also, this mission will award the Orbital Bombardment beacon.

If you do not yet have an Assault Cannon for Thule and one appears as a mission reward (rare), you might want to take that mission because they are really quite rare. Most of the Assault Cannons are Boss or Mission drops and will not drop from units you encounter on a map.

Mission 22 Remains of the Dark Age
  • Day 11, extra deployment 1/2. Fury 5, Resilience 5, Speed 2 (34 minutes, including killing the Lictor boss).
  • Infestation: Caleris 2, Typhon 2, Meridian 9
  • Deff Dread boss
    • In the initial battle, if you can split up your squads and surround it, you can continuously damage it by pulling back only the squad that it is focussed on. A battle standard helps here as you can use the Force Commander to heal everyone.
    • Like Gutrencha, it cannot move once it initiates its fault lines attack and you can take advantage of this by sidestepping the line and continuing to shoot.
    • Once it starts its Rok barrages, hit and run (out of the clearing) is pretty much the only way. When it turns to go back to the clearing, chase it with ranged fire.
  • Ork camp after Deff Dread
    • When you activate the generator, the model furthest to the right of the generator (when facing the gate) will be killed by a Lictor Flesh Hook attack. The model will definitely be killed because the dialogue says the person is killed. Make sure it isn't the Force Commander and that all your other squads have at least 2 members so you don't lose your Resilience 5 rating for the mission.
    • Across the bridge after the gate is an ork entrenchment. Go in with Cyrus and plant a Remote Detonator as deeply as it is safe to do so. Engage the orks to cause the Tyranids to tunnel up, then blow them all up in one go. There will probably be some Tyranids in a corner that will be missed, but you will probably have blown up the heavy infantry synapse ones.
  • Ork Big Shoota at the bridge
    • Amazingly long range, long sight range once it has spotted you, and huge damage per second on Primarch. Go in with Cyrus with a Detonation Charge Pack as it cannot move out of its ring of cover. Even Tarkus under Tactical Advance will probably not survive long enough to throw a grenade, plus it will probably require two grenades. Avitus cannot outdistance it. If you have Cyrus spot for you, Avitus can shoot first but cannot suppress the ork behind cover.
  • Lictor Boss
    • Plant your gunners beneath the stairs and keep luring the Lictor out until you get a message to destroy the Lictor's cover. Until objective arrows appear over the greenery, you cannot destroy the foliage cover it uses. And until you destroy all the foliage, you cannot kill this boss.
    • Once all the cover is gone, just do the same lure-and-shoot until it is dead.
    • It starts with a Flesh Hook attack and once its cover is gone it might also open with another one. This is extremely fast and basically a one-shot-kill against whichever model is caught -- probably even your Force Commander on Primarch Difficulty. It is unlikely that you can avoid it, so never let your Force Commander take point unless you are certain the Lictor is already engaged.

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