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Dawn of War II - Walkthrough - Day 11 - Rippa-Splitta

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The available missions at the start of Day 11 are:
  • Calderis (3 Foundries) - Defend the Array (3 days left), To Decapitate The Hive (5 days left)
  • Typhon (1 Foundry) - Brood Swarm, Defend the Shrine (3 days left), Rippa-Splitta
  • Meridian (2 Foundries) - Angel Gate
At the start of each day, our aim is to get 2 extra deployments. Only the Rippa-Splitta mission offers a strategic asset. For our playthrough, this was the last Communications Array as well as the last strategic asset to secure, according to the Star Map (7 Communications Arrays, 8 Imperial Shrines, 6 Automated Foundries).
  • If we do Defend the Array on Calderis, the mission only awards 3 stars for Fury (64% kills), unlike the previous Defend mission where destroying all enemy waves awarded 5 Fury stars. Defend the Shrine on Typhon had a much more defensible position and awarded 5 Fury stars as normal (complete in 6 minutes).
  • If we do the Rippa-Splitta mission first, Brood Swarm and Defend the Hive are removed afterwards, and are replaced by the plot-critical Remains of the Dark Age. However, Typhon only has 1 Foundry, so we would need to finish it with Speed 3+ (because we hold all six Automated Foundries, it is slightly easier to get extra deployments). We tried this and managed to do it in 14 minutes (Speed 3) while still clearing the map and securing the final strategic asset.
Mission 21 Rippa-Splitta
  • Day 11, Fury 5, Resilience 5, Speed 3 (18 minutes, best time 14 minutes), 2 extra deployments awarded (+1 bonus from Automated Foundry, for a total of 14/15 points).
  • Infestation: Calderis 1, Typhon 2, Meridian 11.
  • You start in the middle of the enemy camp and with a tank shooting at you, but even so it is strangely not so dangerous.
    • Any explosives you have will help a lot, even the Detonation Charge Pack if you have nothing else left to throw since that tends to make infantry scatter to avoid it; if they press forward, they'll get blown up.
    • Drop a Blind Grenade early to stop your squads from getting caught in melee.
    • Use a second grenade near the garrisoned tower. NEAR the building, not AT the building. If the grenade is near enough, it should clear the building AND units outside. Try to get any melee units walking in front of it.
    • The tank can probably kill any one model with a single shot from its cannon.
      • It can take a long time to kill, so if you need breathing room or to retreat in that direction and the Teleport Relay Beacon nearby, throw a Detonation Charge Pack. It will move to avoid the blast and may possibly move far enough away to give you some respite before it comes back. That way, you can pull your squads to the Teleport Relay Beacon nearby.
    • If you are engaged in melee and have a hard time, drop a Blind Grenade because you have nowhere to Retreat to since you are already at your drop pod and it is the closest rally point.
  • The most dangerous enemy on this map are the Rokkit orks that fire a wide spread over obstacles since on Primarch that generally devastates your squads, though if you start at near-full health it shouldn't incapacitate anyone. They appear mostly in the south east, so scout ahead.
  • After surviving insertion, get ready for reinforcements from the camp. They will keep coming, so set up a defensive formation and have Cyrus infiltrate to blow up Waaagh! Banners.
    • If you've destroyed or driven off the tank, you can pull back to the Teleport Relay Beacon nearby and secure it. This has the advantage of funneling attackers from the main camp down the bridge and tight around your Drop Pod, which in turn helps you grenade them or get them in the blast of a missile launcher.
  • If you run out of limited use items, or once you have cleared the camp to at least the limit if your visual range, pull back to the side of the map away from the ork camp (toward the Communications Array) and clear it. There are supply boxes near the Array and more in the empty corner where you fought the tank boss in Greenskin Armour.
    • You will get reports that a structure is under attack if orcs attack your drop pod, but they will not be able to actually destroy the drop pod.
      • Leave one generator so that you can make sure you kill everything before finishing the mission.
      • The mission is otherwise similar to Greenskin Weaponsmith: Isolate turrets and outdistance them with weapons fire or use Cyrus to bomb them. For large clumps of enemies or if they include Rokkit orks, infiltrate Cyrus and blow them up with Remote Detonators.
      • Rippa-Splitta has good sight range to detect infiltrated units, but otherwise isn't very tough. He also won't leave the camp area, so you can just hit-and-run or cheese with Cyrus using grenades or Melta-Bombs.
      • Watch for Ork Kommandos on the map. Cyrus under Infiltration can detect them before they detect him. If you then have a squad approach and melee them, it appears that they will do nothing -- not even fight back in hand-to-hand. Use this fact in the Remains of the Dark Age mission as well.

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