Monday, March 11, 2013

Dawn of War II - Walkthrough - Day 13 extra deployment 1 - Wailing Death

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As mentioned before on the first mission of Day 13, Raid Against The Warboss, this is one of the two available missions that award Terminator Armour. We didn't end up using Terminator Armour except on Avitus, but there was no harm in broadening our choices. The other missions were all optional.

Mission 28 Wailing Death
  • Day 12 extra deployment 1, Fury 5, Resilience 5, Speed 1 (75 minutes)
  • Infestation: Calderis 0, Typhon 0, Meridian 3.
  • Lots of Fire Prisms. If you hit them with a Melta-Bomb with Cyrus Infiltrated, they like to swim around and can go quite far quite quickly. A single Remote Detonator should take care of one. If not, follow up immediately with a Melta-Bomb or Grenade to finish it off before it moves and you have to chase it down.
  • Avatar
    • It's sight range seems to be longer than yours, but not Cyrus's.
    • Sword attack has very good range.
    • The Warp Fire attack is very fast and even if slightly outside, is lethal.
      • If you can avoid it, the fight is basically circling the Avatar with shooters and avoiding his Warp Fire each time.
      • Thule really can't get out fast enough unless you don't have to turn. However, even being just outside the targeting circle on the ground won't be enough to save him from incapacitation (on Primarch difficulty). Overall, it is recommended that Thule just stay out of this fight.
    • Sometimes it won't go after an Infiltrated Cyrus when it detects Cyrus. The Seer Councils will, however, and can one-shot any scout squad members with their lightning. Take them out early with High Powered Shots. There are few options for attacking them otherwise, especially with their knockdown ability, strong melee, and the Avatar of Khaine right there. Even if you cannot be knocked down (e.g., in Terminator Armour), they can do solid damage.
    • The Avatar can follow you quite far up the stairs and his Warp Fire can hit all the way to the Teleport Relay near the middle stairs.
    • Cross-spread Warp Fire attack: It is quite safe in between the circles, so move there and continue attacking or to throw a grenade. The Avatar activates a fire aura afterwards, so melee is dangerous and it's long stride means it can run after your squads quite quickly to burn them just by being close.
    • Thaddeus is useful here for melee because of his Aegis of Fury, but all-ranged is much safer and easier against this boss.
    • Reinforcements come from the far side of the arena (opposite the stairs), so cover that route with a Remote Detonator against several waves of reinforcements including a Falcon and a Fire Prism.

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