Monday, March 11, 2013

Dawn of War II - Walkthrough - Day 6 extra deployment 1 - A Spider Among Flies

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Mission 7 A Spider Among Flies - Automated Foundry, 13 stars
  • Day 6 (extra deployment 1/2)
  • Fury 5, Resilience 5, Speed 3 (22 minutes; best time so far speed 4 in 17 minutes), no extra deployment awarded.
  • We chose to capture the Automated Foundry, but if you do not have a Shrine at all, you really want to consider getting one here as you might need it for Mission 6.
  • Clearing the map is quite straightforward if you have Cyrus with a Sniper Rifle as you can safely take out the Eldar snipers in the towers.
    • A single High-Powered Shot should be able to do it and from a very safe distance.
    • Even without using the High-Powered Shot ability, you just need to stay stealthed as you will eventually re-enter stealth after a short period of exposure following your shot (because Space Marines evidently don't know how to make silencers and flash suppressors). Just be sure to prevent the whole squad from moving forward as only Cyrus has the extended range from the sniping rifle.
    • If you chose not to take Cyrus or do not have a sniping rifle for him, Tarkus can Tactical Advance to avoid being Suppressed by sniper fire, and get close enough to throw a grenade. If you throw a grenade just outside a building instead of direct at the building, you should be able to destroy both the garrisoned unit and units immediately outside.
    • It appears that their snipers can also use High-Powered Shot and sometimes their shots will hurl back the model that is shot.
  • When engaging the Warp Spider Exarch, favour keeping your squads near the middle stairs as it is the shortest distance to a Teleporter Relay Beacon for retreat, reinforcement, and healing.
  • Levitation Field
    • Retreating out of a 1-second-to-detonation levitation field is probably the safest way to make sure you are not in it, but there's still no guarantee and the squad goes into retreat after the grab and drop.
    • This power has friendly fire and will affect the Warp Spider Exarch's reinforcements. It probably affects the Exarch itself because he immediately teleports away.
  • The damage per second from the Warp Spider Exarch's ranged burst attack is huge (and it seems to do more damage the closer you are) and you might not be able to approach him with your squads for melee without losing half your health.
    • I recommend just shooting and retreating on Primarch difficulty (and hence Avitus can be better than Thaddeus here).
    • If you can put down one or two a turrets as a decoy, that helps a lot as well as the Eldar seem to have trouble taking those down.
    • Also, if your melee squads get caught in the telekinetic burst and the Exarch summons help, you could lose a squad during the grab-and-drop.
  • Cyrus's High-Powered Shot with a sniper rifle can knock down the Warp Spider Exarch if you need to immediately relieve a squad from his attack.

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