Monday, March 11, 2013

Dawn of War II - Cheats, Tips, and Walkthroughs

This post indexes all our cheats, tips, and walkthroughs for Dawn of War II.

After playing the campaign on Primarch Difficulty, I strongly advise playing it on Sergeant Difficulty. More builds are viable, gear becomes much less critical, and it's a more interesting, dynamic, and exciting game when you can be more daring and less cheesy with your tactics.
Walkthroughs (Primarch Difficulty)

Dawn of War II Space Marines Campaign
  • This walkthrough is based on the passage of days in our playthrough. If you go through the missions in using more deployments, or if you take optional missions instead of focussing on missions that progress the story, your results will greatly differ.
    • Some tips are based on having specific skills/traits, although we have tried to avoid this.
    • The increase in Tyranid Infestation for each planet is random each day and then reduced by any Shrines held, so your results may vary.
  • Whenever possible, we aimed to have two extra deployments per day. To get one extra deployment, you need to finish your first mission of the day with at least 13 points (Fury stars + Resilience stars + Speed stars + Automated Foundries on the planet), or 11 point if you control 6 Foundries in total.
    • To get a second extra deployment, you need to finish either your first or second mission of the day with at least 15 points, or 14 points if you control 6 Foundries in total.
    • We aimed to get two extra deployments in the first mission so that we could take our time with the second and third deployments on the same day.
  • We skipped a lot of optional missions because we weren't particularly interested in farming for gear, and in any case the missions started to feel the same once you've seen everything in the game.
  • We deliberately chose not to use the Rosarius, especially for boss fights. You can otherwise just go in with the Rosarius on and attack with everything you've got, especially once you hold many Shrines.
Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising
In progress

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