Monday, March 11, 2013

Dawn of War II - Walkthrough - Day 8 extra deployment 1 - Greenskin Armour

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We are reserving the remaining Calderis mission to help us get extra deployments on Day 9 because we have 3 Foundries there to help us get two extra deployments each day.
Neither the Typhon nor Meridian missions have Foundries to capture. Both have Shrines, but at present only Typhon is under Tyranid infestation. So we chose to do the Typhon mission first to get the Shrine and reduce the increase in infestation on Day 9. Also, this mission awarded a Relic Flamer, which is a generic level 14 weapon; normally out of reach as our squads were level 8, but this item has no level requirements and helps a LOT against weak Tyranids. We will want this before doing any more Tyranid missions.

Mission 13 Greenskin Armour
  • Day 8 extra deployment 1/2, Fury 5, Resilience 5, Speed 3 (19 minutes)
  • Infestation: Calderis 3, Typhon 5, Meridian 0
  • Mission intelligence indicates the target is vulnerable to Power Weapons.
    • We had only one usable by our level 8 Force Commander: the Power Axe "Of Fire and Blood", and all power swords and power axes have a higher damage percentage against vehicles. The tank boss did not seem to take a lot of damage from it, so the mission intelligence note could just be pointing out that power weapons do more damage to vehicles than chainswords.
    • It seems to be fairly safe to chase the tank around, and even to drop a grenade near it while you have a character in melee with it, but when it stops to prepare for its ramming attack, characters in melee are thrown back and damaged. Also, it can ram faster than you can run when retreating.
  • The mission is fairly easy as the machine guns on the boss tank are not particularly powerful, and in general there is plenty of time to get out of the way of its special attacks IF you don't delay. Also, it is fairly easy to grenade the tank. You can occasionally hit it with a Detonation Charge Pack, but this does not do significant damage. Cyrus was only Level 8 (we have not yet recycled any WarGear), so we could not effectively use the Remote Detonator.
  • When it prepares to ram, if you move out of the way it can sometimes abort. Also, when it starts to ram, it pulses with energy and nearby units can be hit even if they are on its side.
  • When it fires its cannon, move to the side as the cannon shot appears to hit everything in its path instead of lobbing a shell.
  • When it calls StormBoyz reinforcements, retreat is recommended so you can handle them without being run over by the tank.
  • No matter how much you rush, you cannot save any TechPriests.

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