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Dawn of War II - Walkthrough - Day 7 extra deployment 2 - Fire Prism Attack

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Mission 11 Fire Prism Attack
  • Day 7 extra deployment 2/2.
  • Fury 5, Resilience 5, Speed 3 (23 minutes).
  • Instead of the Shrine, we captured the Automated Foundry here toward getting extra deployments, especially since there is no Tyranid presence on Meridian yet.
  • Sometimes (possibly a glitch) the Fire Prism starts the mission knowing your location and will come for you shortly after the mission begins.
  • Warp Gates are near the mission-target Generators, so you might as well destroy the generators first, even though they are static targets. Unlike the Eyes of the Eldar mission, the eldar call reinforcements very frequently.
  • Previously, the small Grav Platforms could be destroyed by a single grenade. It will probably not be that way here now since the game apparently levels up the enemies alongside your own levelling. A High-Powered Shot from Cyrus's sniping rifle should still insta-kill one.
    • Both the Melta-Bomb and the High-Powered Shot can leave the rest of the crew alive, and in rare instances the game glitches to allow them to use their grav platform weapon, strangely enough. Grenades are still the safest option.
  • The Fire Prism and the last Warp Gate are close together at the north end of the map, so if you want to clear all the enemies from the map for a 5/5 Fury rating, leave one Warp Gate. A path you could take is to head for the Shrine first, then clear the main roads and bridges, then BEHIND the buildings along the road where the Fire Prism is located. After clearing the Fire Prism and the generator near it, finish the map by securing the Automated Factory and destroying the final generator.
  • Fire Prism:
    • The Fire Prism is probably script controlled because its pursuit behavior is very strange.
      • It's sight range is not huge and it does not have any special ability to detect Infiltrated units. Nevertheless, it will pursue an attacker across approximately half the map before turning back.
      • If the attacker is Infiltrated, it might move a bit but will not be able to find them. As soon as they come out of Infiltration, even if they are far outside the Fire Prism's sight range, the Fire Prism will head toward them.
        • It is therefore very hard to cheese the Fire Prism using Cyrus, even with Advanced Infiltrate.
      • If you are Infiltrated by do no damage to the Fire Prism, it will not engage this special pursuit ability. So Cyrus could Infiltrate and bomb nearby gates and generators, leave while still infiltrated, and be fine.
      • Because of this magical homing ability and the far pursuit distance, think carefully before securing all the Teleport Relay Beacons because the Fire Prism will chase you all the way to a rally point. If the Fire Prism is there and you are hard-pressed, you can't Retreat out of trouble because you are already at the nearest rally point.
    • Melta Bombs do less than expected against the Fire Prism considering they are supposed to be anti-vehicle weapons.
    • Regular grenades do a decent amount of damage. The Missile Launcher has the advantage of basically always hitting (and curving to hit if necessary), but the fire rate is very low. Because it has no setup time, you might want to pull Avitus back as soon as you have fired.
    • Another option to use against the Fire Prism is plasma weapons, which have a good damage percentage rating against vehicles. It does only a fraction of damage against a vehicle compared to a Missile Launcher, but is more generally useful as it does not have forced inaccuracy against non-vehicles.
    • Try to engage the Fire Prism in a dense area where you can quickly go around a corner. it is very hard to arrange a battle that way and the Fire Prism moves very quickly, so this can be really tricky.
    • The Fire Prism can smash through a lot of cover is normally not destructible, so just going around a wall is no guarantee of safety although it might stop the Fire Prism from firing its cannon. Sitting inside a building is suicide if it fires it's cannon at the building.
    • Strangely, it is quite safe to attack it in melee. Although it can ram and kill any model outright other than the Force Commander, it also seems to avoid enemies getting too close, and if it moves, it must charge up its cannon again.
    • Trying to grenade it or using an Artillery Strike is very hard in the open because it can react quickly.
  • There are a lot of supply crates in the northeast corner. You can throw a grenade and open a couple of them, or if you have Thaddeus you can jump in. Sometimes a Warp Gate and an Eldar Ranger is inside that enclosed area; otherwise both are outside, at the end of the road nearby.

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