Monday, March 11, 2013

Dawn of War II - Walkthrough - Day 14 - Master of the Hive

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Available Missions:
  • Hold the Sector (2 of 2 of days)
    • Travelling to Typhon completes this mission and adds the plot-critical "The Last Stand" on Typhon, which is also the final mission for the campaign.
  • Calderis (3 Foundries) - Defend the Array (3 days left)
  • Typhon (1 Foundry) - Defend the Array (3 days left), Tyrant Alert, The Last Stand
  • Meridian (2 Foundries) - Devil in the Spires, Defend the Array (3 days left), Master of the Hive
The random Infestation increase resulted in a net +1 Infestation on Calderis, but no Tyranid mission available to reduce it.
We chose to do Master of the Hive on Meridian simply to further reduce infestation there. We earned one extra deployment, and used that to do The Last Stand and finish the campaign.

Mission 30 Master of the Hive
  • Day 13, Fury 5, Resilience 5, Speed 1, one extra deployment earned.
  • Infestation: Calderis 1, Typhon 0, Meridian 2.
  • Nothing special here. No nests to destroy, and the Hive Tyrant fights the same way as in the previous mission, To Decapitate the Hive.

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