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Dawn of War II - Walkthrough - Day 9 extra deployment 1 - Indranel of the Ulthwé

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The available missions are: (some are probably randomly generated so your results may be different)
  • Calderis (3 foundries) - Hand of the Hive Mind, Greenskin Weaponsmith
  • Typhon (1 foundry) - Defend the Array (3 days left)
  • Meridian (2 foundries) - Indranel of the Ulthwé, The Mantis Killer (5 days left)
We have already secured two extra deployments for Day 9 and no more extra deployments can be obtained. Speed on a mission is therefore not important. Since the last Eldar mission took a long time (because the Eldar output a lot of damage on Primarch difficulty), we chose another Eldar mission -- Indranel of the Ulthwé.
Also, this is the only mission that offers something other than a Communications Array. We prioritized Arrays last, after Automated Foundries and Imperial Shrines, because they are the least beneficial strategic point to hold. Shrines are especially important on Meridian because its Tyranid Infestation rating started at 12 on Day 8, and the Indranel of the Ulthwé mission offers an Imperial Shrine (on the same map for the earlier Fire Prism Attack mission, it was the choice of an Automated Foundry or a Shrine).

Mission 16 Indranel of the Ulthwé
  • Day 9 Extra Deployment 1/2. Fury 5, Resilience 5, Speed 1 (46 minutes).
  • Infestation: Calderis 4, Typhon 4, Meridian 11.
  • On the map are two vehicles: A Wraithguard and a Falcon.
  • The same accessible-by-jump corner with lots of supply crates that was in the Fire Prism Attack mission is also here.
  • As with the previous mission there are a lot of Grav Platforms.
    • Not as many D-Cannons here, but that might be random luck.
    • Cyrus was no longer be able to use a grenade + attack one-two punch to take them out. But he had Advanced Infiltrate now, so the danger is mitigated.
  • Against large clumps of enemies, the Remote Detonator plus Advanced Infiltrate is gold.
  • Some Seer Councils sprinkled around the map, usually accompanied by a Guardian squad. Watch for the sword and headgear.
    • Seer Councils can see a planted Remote Detonator. If they attack it, will probably cause it to explode before Cyrus can get away after planting it.
    • Seer Council force push is targeted on squads and ignores barriers and line of sight. The force push isn't dangerous on its own since it apparently does not damage. However, it may push squads into the visual range of other enemies you are not ready for.
  • The Farseer
    • Cyrus under the cloak of Infiltration will not make the Farseer appear, so he can move in to plant a Remote Detonator at the centre of the big floor fan in the area (if you have Advanced Infiltrate).
      • Once he begins planting it, she will appear. She cannot see an infiltrated Cyrus.
      • The Farseer can see the Remote Detonator, but for unclear reasons her magic attack only does very little damage to it and will not cause it to detonate (but its health will be reduced).
      • Both the Farseer and her Seer Councils may or may not attack the Detonator. Even if they do attack it, they may not do so continuously.
    • Cyrus can keep sniping the Farseer with High Powered Shots.
      • The attack has enough range that he can safely stay outside of her visual range and does not have to be Infiltrated.
      • In this way, no one else needs to be in danger or subject to any of her powerful attacks.
    • At around 50% health she summons 3 Seer Councils and around 10% health she summons 5. She is scripted to be invulnerable until she sees an enemy (the Remote Detonator plant does not count, apparently) and then she will summon the Council and vanish until they are defeated.
      • The fastest way to deal with the Seer Councils is to use a pre-planted Remote Detonator, but there is no guarantee they will spawn conveniently close to it.
      • If the Seer Councils spawn too far from the Remote Detonator, they apparently can't see Cyrus under Infiltration so he can keep throwing Grenades at them.
      • If they spawn near a building, you could go to the other side of the building and throw a grenade, then run away immediately -- enemy units typically do not respond to indirect attacks like this from behind a tall barrier that blocks their sight.
    • After a Council is destroyed and the Farseer returns, plant another if you have Advanced Infiltrate.
    • Around 15% health, she becomes invulnerable and calls her Eldritch Storm, which has a very wide area but is pretty slow to fire.
      • Tarkus will say something when she is no longer invulnerable. The game may glitch and cause the Farseer to be stuck with invulnerability.
      • Fortunately a mid-mission save seems to be be safe to use on this mission. Save after taking a strategic point on this map, and again just before engaging the Farseer.

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