Monday, March 11, 2013

Dawn of War II - Walkthrough - Day 12 extra deployment 2 - Brood Swarm

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The missions available are:
  • Calderis (3 Foundries) - No Missions
  • Typhon (1 Foundry) - Brood Swarm
  • Meridian (2 Foundries) - No Missions
We are still on Day 12, and using the second extra deployment we earned with "To Decapitate the Hive".

Mission 26 Brood Swarm
  • Day 12 extra deployment 1, Fury 5, Resilience 5, Speed 1
  • Infestation: Calderis 0, Typhon 0, Meridian 3.
  • Start by making a fighting withdrawal toward the Shrine and arena. Clear the hive there so you are not fighting on two fronts. Keep backing up all the way into the arena, where there are several supply crates.
  • Advance down to secure the middle bridge and park your team there.
    • You should have either Avitus or Thule to cover the bridge with suppression fire and be able to hold that position. Beyond it is the mission target area, and it is very dense with enemies. No matter where you go, you will get assaulted from multiple sides until you can clear the hives, so instead hold one bridge and let the enemies all converge down that one approach, making things more manageable.
    • We chose the middle bridge because enemy reinforcements are not as constant there, and it seemed to be the clearest route for Cyrus to advance Infiltrated.
  • You will periodically get messages that your drop pod is being attacked. It cannot be destroyed and in any case if you look on your map, it is NOT a rally point.
  • Keep Cyrus's path to the rest of the team open and infiltrate him cautiously, because if you use the Retreat command, you might end up running to the Automated Foundry if you still hold it. That area isn't really clear and if you run out of Energy before you can make room with Remote Detonation, you will likely lose Cyrus.
  • Concentrate on demolition on the hives to take pressure off the map. Clear the map, then go for the Tyranid Warrior in the corner.
    • There are 2 to 4 hidden Raveners at the two approaches to the corner where the mission target Tyranid Warrior is located.
  • Because enemies spawn so frequently, you could use the 1% drop chance for "swarm" class creatures (spawned enemies) to farm for gear to recycle for XP.

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