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Walkthrough - Neverwinter Nights 2, Original Campaign, Mask of the Betrayer, Storm of Zehir

Neverwinter Nights 2 and Expansions - Cheats and Walkthroughs
This post indexes all our walkthroughs and advice for the Neverwinter Nights 2PC Games) single-player campaigns.

update: 2013-Feb-8 - new link for the "Grail Quest Conveniences" mod. The Ziddu file server requires no membership for you to download a file, BUT like all file servers, they delete files for inactivity. Neverwinter Nights 2 is an old game, so this will happen sooner or later. If you can't get the file any more, e-mail me or leave me a comment. There is also a module-independent version that should work with any NWN2 game here.

There are many walkthroughs you can find online and you will find they are generally painfully obvious babysitting / hand-holding step-by-step guides. Instead, we will focus on...
  • Various things that may not be obvious to you.
  • Using the console (i.e., cheating) to enhance your experience and save time rather than destroy your gameplay with too much gross cheating.
That said, there is a very good no-frills reference for Neverwinter Nights 2.

By the way, to help you keep track of your savegames, you can rename the savegame folder using Windows Explorer (for example) into something with a name longer and more descriptive than the in-game interface allows. (It will load fine, but you can't always save over that gave properly in NWN2, though, especially if you use commas)

  • Original Campaign Walkthrough
    • Part 1. Uninvited Guests, Tutorial/Prologue, Act I - West Harbor, Swamp Cave
    • Part 2. Act I - Weeping Willow Inn to Fort Locke
    • Part 3. Act I - HighCliff
    • Part 4. Act I - Neverwinter Docks, Neverwinter Merchant Quarter, Skymirror; Working for the City Watch
    • Part 5. Act I - Old Owl Well, Bonegnasher Lair, Eyegouger Lair, Dwarven Scouts area
    • Part 6. Act I - Sea Ghost, Githyanki Hideout, Neverwinter Archives
    • Part 7. Act I - Shandra's Farm, Ember, Githyanki Base.
    • Part 8. Act II - Blacklake District pre-Trial.
    • Part 9. Act II - Port Llast, Duskwood, Ember, The Trial.
    • Part 10. Act II - Aldanon's Manse, Tavorick Estate, raid on Crossroad Keep.
    • Part 11. Act II and Act III - Crossroad Keep Management
    • Part 12. Act II - Ruins of Arvahn and the Ritual of Purification.
    • Part 13. Act II - Ammon Jerro's Haven, Castle Never, Neverneath.
    • Part 14. Act III - Pre-War - Port Llast, Strange Clearing, Neverwinter Evacuation, Dwarven Stronghold, Mount Galardrym, Sydney Natale, Nolaloth's Valley, West Harbor.
    • Part 15. Act III - Shandra's Farm, Siege of Crossroad Keep.
    • Part 16. Act III - Finale: Vale of Merdelein, Ritual Chamber.
  • Mask of the Betrayer
    • Crafting with special Essences features prominently in this campaign.
      • None of the items are so good as to be must-have at this epic level of gameplay compared to what you can make personally and what you can find.
      • Three good documents covering this topic are the Neverwinter Nights 2 Reference, GameBanshee, and Thieves-Guild. No one document has all the information, however, so it's worth having a look. Also, various patches changed the ability to get certain items or do certain things, so if you are playing the latest patch, some Essences and items are not available.
      • It becomes increasingly easy to accidentally kill something before you can grab its Essence as the game progresses. Overall, I still recommend using a crafting alternative.
    • Part 1. Act I, II - Barrows, Mulsantir, Shadow Mulsantir, Okku's Army.
    • Part 2. Act II, III - Wells of Lurue, Ashenwood, Coveya Kurg'annis, Thaymount, Boneyard, Founder's Sanctum.
    • Part 3. Act III - Betrayer's Gate, The Crusade, The Betrayer and finale.
  • Storm of Zehir
    • Storm of Zehir is a very different experience from the mostly linear campaigns that came before:
      • It has a linear core quest and a lot of optional side encounters that can be done in any order. It does not care if you are ready for an encounter or not -- You can go just about anywhere and try anything. Overall, things are very straightforward with very few alternate resolutions of particular consequence, so this walkthrough will be very light.
      • Money and XP are freely available, so pay attention for unique events and items you may prefer to have. The game will probably end by around mid-levels and although epic levels are theoretically available, you may never reach them before the game is essentially over and you have done everything. This is especially true if you end up having more than 4 characters in your party, since XP is divided by the number of characters you have
      • Dialogue skills are mostly useless except for a few quests where having Diplomacy is important. Mostly dialogue and alignment give you the opportunity to say certain things, but the outcome is often the same no matter what you say.
    • Part 1. Samarach.
    • Part 2. Sword Coast.
    • Part 3. Chult.
Using the Console
  • We have some suggestions for how to use cheats carefully to enhance your gaming experience.
  • You can also download our mini-module, "Grail Quest Conveniences". In this module, there is a chest with a number of bags of holding named with the type of item it is meant to hold. There are also a number of rings which provide bonus feats and massive skill bonuses, so that you can solo the game if you want, try various feats, or play a character with very few skills.
Character Creation and Game Quirks
General notes about the Companions -- how to use them and how to (re)level them:
You can review a guide to Neverwinter Nights 2 Crafting including a useful list of gem locations for the Original Campaign or explore some very interesting alternatives to Neverwinter Nights 2 Crafting.

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