Monday, September 19, 2011

Marvel Ultimate Alliance - Iceman

Marvel Ultimate Alliance (for PC) - Playable Characters - Iceman

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A list of all character notes: Black Panther, Blade, Captain America, Colossus, Daredevil, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Elektra, Ghost Rider, The Human Torch, Iceman, Iron Man, Invisible Woman, Luke Cage, Moon Knight, Mr. Fantastic, Ms. Marvel, Nick Fury, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Storm, Thing, Thor, Wolverine
  • Key Powers: Slowing effects from various powers work well with some strong powers (especially Doctor Strange's Mystic Mayhem) that do extra damage or effects against impaired targets.
  • One of very few characters who have a damaging aura (Human Torch, Iceman, Storm) that will damage nearby enemies even if the character is blocking.
  • The only character who can put out small fires, such as the ones on the Helicarrier at the Fin Fang Foom encounter.
  • Many powers can set up Doctor Strange's Mystic Mayhem.
Powers: (at Skill Level 10)
  • Blizzard (9 Skill Points, 28 Energy, free rapid tap)
    • Create an ice storm.
    • Cold Damage, radius: 82-90, +28-32 per tap
  • Freeze Beam (16 Skill Points, 25 Energy)
    • Sends out a beam that freezes enemies. If a frozen enemy receives a critical hit, it shatters.
    • 68-75 Cold Damage and 6.2 seconds Frozen.
  • Frigid Aura (12 Skill Points, 100 Energy, 80 seconds)
    • Create a shield of cold around Iceman.
    • 17-19 Cold Damage per second, and slow to 62% speed
    • Comment:
      • Turning this on seems to turn off Frost Bite.
      • This seems to automatically kill any Demonic Leaper that jumps onto Iceman or that is on Iceman when he activates this power.
  • Frost Bite (12 Skill Points, 68 Energy)
    • Gives entire party ice gloves for a time, adding Cold Damage to melee attacks.
    • +15% Cold Damage, 10% chance of 4.4 seconds of Slow to 50% speed
      • Comment: Turning this on seems to turn off Frigid Aura.
  • Ice Shards (16 Skill Points, 14 energy per tap)
    • Throws shards of ice at enemies.
    • 44-49 Cold Damage per tap, with 37% chance of 5.6 seconds of Slow to 50% speed.
  • Ice Slide (11 Skill Points, 17 Energy per second)
    • Slides on an ice sled that can knock back enemies.
    • 58-64 Cold Damage and knock back.
  • Polar Explosion (14 Skill Points, 26 Energy)
    • Charge a particle and throw it at enemies. Chargeable.
    • 82-90 Cold Damage, 6 foot radius, 4.8 seconds of -61% speed.
    • Charged: 164-180 Cold Damage, 10 foot radius, 6.8 seconds of -61% speed.
  • Deep Freeze (Xtreme)
    • Massive cold blast, slows all enemies.
    • 51-56 Cold Damage, 50% chance of Freezing, otherwise Slowed to 25% speed for 5 seconds.

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