Monday, September 19, 2011

Marvel Ultimate Alliance - Walkthrough - Act IV

Marvel Ultimate Alliance (for PC): Walkthrough/Hints for Act IV

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Act IV - Shi'ar and Skrull

These missions are very linear and straightforward. The only really hard encounter is with Galactus.

In the first part, you are running away from him. This is the part where characters are very likely to fall off the walkway and automatically KO.
There will be a part where Galactus causes a tower to bar the way. The path to continue reveals itself when he causes a second one to fall, leaning against the upper walkway. You need to run back and up that path. If you are caught by Galactus and have to escape his grip, some of the party members may have made it up there already. Switch to one of them so you don't have to gingerly balance your way up.

The final encounter with Galactus involves a button mini-game similar to the fight against the Kraken. If you are having trouble with this, you can go to ...\scripts\act4\skrull\skrull5 and copy over to automatically succeed at the button-pressing mini-game.

The final encounter is otherwise quite easy especially if you have a healer. If you don't, solo with a character with Stealth so that the Galactus Punishers can't see them; and put on Deathbird's Feather so you slowly heal any damage done to you by Galactus.

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