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Marvel Ultimate Alliance - Item Locations / Checklist

Marvel Ultimate Alliance (for PC) - Item Locations / Checklist (Compiled from various sources, minor corrections and additions.)

This is one of our Marvel Ultimate Alliance walkthrough / cheats / mods posts. For an index of all Marvel Ultimate Alliance posts, click here.

Act 1

SHIELD Helicarrier

Barracks -
___ +1 striking – At the cutscene where Winter Soldier tells you to look up, in the alcove where the ultron robots jump down.
___ +1 body – On a balcony in the area where you finally defeat Winter Soldier and Radioactive Man

Upper Batteries -
___ +1 focus – Look for an elevated area in the winding corridor to the stairs up to Fin Fang Foom.

Stark Tower 

Tony Stark's Office -
___ +1 focus
___ +1 body
___ +1 striking
___ Sketch book

Omega Base

Wrenchworks –
___ Daredevil Action Figure – When you first enter the large room with the gears, there is a stair leading down to the right.
___ Simulator disc – Captain America – just outside the first control room, to the right
___ +1 body – just outside the first control room, to the left

Project Labs –
___ Simulator disc – Wolverine – in a room with lots of beds just after you escort David Banner
___ +1 striking – door just opposite the door to the primary lift at the end of the section

Top Deck –
___ Sketch book – just past the first SHIELD agent, go down a set of stairs to your right
___ Black Panther Action Figure – After you push the large object over the ledge, you can drop down into a room. The action figure is in the next room from this one.
___ +1 focus – between some crates across from the second SHIELD agent

Stark Tower 

Iron Man Lab
___ Black Panther action figure – under stairs leading down from entrance
___ Simulator disc – Iron Man – on Iron Man's computer
___ +1 skill point – have Iron Man use Iron Man Health console to reveal it
___ Sketch book – by Wolverine on upper level


Nannite Chamber –
___ +1 focus

Dive Chamber –
___ Black Panther action figure

Temple of Negrete –
___ +1 skill point – behind a breakable wall immediately to your left upon entering the area
___ Simulator Disc – Mr. Fantastic – Behind another breakable wall in one of the side areas of the temple

Atlantean Trenches –
___ +1 striking – by one of the Sonic generators
___ Daredevil action figure – inside treasure chest

Atlantean Throne –
___ Sketch book – in one of the two big rooms with pearls, on a side ledge

Defender's Crypt –
___ +1 body – near one of the tombs closes to the big bowl surrounded by urns

Mandarin's Palace

Entrance -
___ Sketch book – early in the section, there is a rope that a mighty hero can pull on to open a door. The book is just down to the side of this, behind a pillar.
___ +1 striking – in the room where Ultimo was.

Golden Court –
___ Simulator Disc – Thing – in the room across from where you found the Ultimo blueprints.
___ Daredevil Action Figure – Room with the three fire-breathing stone dragon heads, near the middle head.
Celestial Hall -
___ Sketch book – in the corner of the room to the left before you reach the Xtraction Point area.
___ +1 body, +1 focus – same room where you fight Ultimo Mark 2

Forbidden Passage –
___ Simulator Disc – Crimson Dynamo – in the middle of a hallway just after meeting Dr. Strange.
___ Black Panther action figure – behind a Buddha statue and bladed spinning hazard off to the side just before the entrance to the next section.


Dr. Strange's Sanctum 

Xtraction point room –
___ +1 striking – in the room Vision is usually in
___ +1 focus (x2) – in Dr. Strange's room; enter using Dr. Strange

Sanctuary (top floor) –
___ Daredevil action figure – up the set of stairs to the left, at the end of the platform.
___ Simulator Disc – Doctor Strange – up the set of stairs to the right, at the end of the platform.
___ Sketch book – by the window.


Fake Castle Doom –
___ +1 focus, Simulator Disc – Mysterio, Daredevil action figure – small side rooms (wine cask rooms) off the room with the long banquet table
___ +1 skill point – After evading the moving spiked wall death trap, go back in the area it is in. Push the spiked wall further down, and you can reach the skill point in this secret area.
___ +1 striking – one of the side rooms (jail cells) before you fight Jean Grey for the first time

Big Top –
___ Sketch book – immediately to the right upon entering this section
___ Simulator Disc – Luke Cage – immediately to the left upon entering this section
___ +1 body – to the left in front of Senator Kelly's cage and the big jack-in-the-box.

Pinball –
___ Sketch book – on the floor by a paddle thing
___ +1 striking – by one of the big triangle bumpers near the Xtraction point
___ +1 body – by the other big bumper near the Xtraction point (by the green skull and crossbones)

Fair Grounds –
___ +1 focus – first part of fairgrounds; behind a breakable fence with a bumper car
___ Sketch book – second part of fairgrounds; by two exploding stuffed animals around the outside of the section you'll be in after using the hammer to open the first large gate

___ Blade – second part of fairgrounds - play the claw machine
___ Random Item - second part of fairgrounds - play the hammer strength game

Maze-O-Death –
___ Simulator Disc – Elektra

Fun House
___ +1 striking – at the end of the path from opening door number 3; activates a trap.
___ Black Panther action figure – It's at the end of the path from opening door number 3. The action figure is under one of the poison flowers and difficult to see.
___ +1 body – in the room where you fight Arcade.

Mephisto's Realm

First section –
___ Simulator Disc – Blade – just to the right of the entrance
___ +1 striking – in the area with the lava fountain and the platform that lowers when you throw leapers into the fountain
___ Black Panther action figure – in a grave plot in the area where you have to destroy gravestones
___ +1 body – by the eternal torch

Inferno –
___ +1 skill point – Up the stairs, turn right, and turn right again onto a ledge with a statue.
___ Daredevil action figure – In the area with the cutscene of two fire giants emerging from lava flows at either end of the area. In the centre of this area is a platform and an arch. Go through the arch to find a small ledge with a tree. The action figure is there.
___ Sketch book – down the left side stairs in the area where Ghost Rider is chained.

Sepulcher –
___ +1 body – in a small room
___ Simulator Disc – Scorpion – in a bigger room
___ Sketch book – In one of the crypts a fire giant emerges from during a brief cutscene
___ +1 focus – Same scene as above, but other crypt

Stygian Abyss –
___ Simulator Disc – Ghost Rider – near the beginning of the section, on a small island

Act 3

Courtyard of the Gods

___ +1 strike – by the area where you can summon Hermod
___ +1 body – on another wooden walkway around the outside
___ +1 focus – outside Warrior's Hall once you have access to the Hall

Recapturing Bifrost Bridge

Bifrost Bridge –
___ Simulator Disc – Storm – to your immediate left upon entry
___ Black Panther action figure – on wooden ship (right path upon entry)
___ Big Hammer - On the way to the bridge where the giant statue of Odin has to raise his hand, there are signal fires. Grab the torch near them and light all of them. A cutscene will show a hammer appear in front of the statue of Odin. Not sure if this is a plot item. If you reload a game, the hammer will be gone.
___ Sketch book – There are two puzzles you can solve to raise a section of land and allow you to cross to the other side. Once you are past the sliding block puzzle side (left side), look to the left of the stairs leading up.
___ Daredevil action figure – The right hand side puzzle (defeating the archers on the floating islets) side has a clearing with a pressure pad. There are three monoliths, one of which has the same symbol on the pressure pad. Push that onto the pad to reveal a weapon cache. The action figure will be in the chest.

Midgard Gate –
___ Simulator Disc – Spiderman – When you go on the main part of the bridge, move toward the foreground (down on your controller) and you should see the disc.

Warrior Hall –
___ Sketch book – Immediately behind you upon entering
___ +1 skill point – On the throne at the far end
___ Black Panther action figure – There are chests in alcoves on the walls near the fire pit. The action figure is in front of one of the chests.
___ Simulator Disc – Thor – See action figure above. This is on the opposite wall, in front of the chest there.

Freeing the Warriors of Asgard

Asgard –
___ +1 body – by the large anvil down the left path
___ Daredevil action figure – in grass down the right path from the beginning of the section
___ +1 skill point – in a weapons cache by one of the buildings

Odin's Courtyard (area unlocked by sliding statues onto pressure plates, one statue in the east wing, one statue in the west wing) –
___ +1 striking
___ +1 focus
___ Black Panther action figure – in the weapons cache

Grand Hall (Heimdall - accessed from East Wing) –
___ +1 focus - On top of one of the stone enclosures you have to smash to get one of three blocks you slide onto pressure plates to turn off the force field blocking the way to Heimdall.
___ Sketch book - in the Heimdall / mirror room
___ Simulator Disc – Deadpool – in the area you go to get Heimdall's horn, on the balcony you start on.

The Great Forge (Tyr - accessed from West Wing) –
___ Simulator Disc – Invisible Woman – From Tyr's room, you can initially only continue one way. Go down to the sunken area with the dragon head lava fountains. The disc, and a weapon cache, are there.
___ Sketch book – Continuing from the dragon head lava fountain room you will come to a cross-shaped room. It is on one of the raised areas.
___ +1 strike, +1 body – After the anvil on which you make the Asgard Armor, there is another chamber with two sunken areas with dragon head lava fountains. There is one bonus in each of the sunken areas.


Shore of Corpses –
___ +1 striking – from your starting location, follow the left border of the map; it is just past the first bonfire you come across
___ Sketch book – continue following the left border of the map; just past another bonfire and behind some dark elves
___ +1 focus – there is a short bridge over water near a boat; this bridge is not marked on the minimap; once you are across, follow the left border of the map
___ Simulator Disc – Shocker – on the same plateau as the Xtraction point
___ Daredevil action figure – on top of the cabin near the Xtraction point.

Battleground –
___ +1 body – Behind the boulder you can roll. If you roll the boulder, it will cover the bonus. You can circle around by going left.
___ +1 body – There are two catapults. One you are supposed to destroy. The other can be operated by a hero with Might to smash some rocks, opening a path to this bonus. You can, however, circle around to get it.

Ymir's Domain –
___ Sketch book – immediately behind you upon entering
___ Sketch book – after beating Ymir you should see it where he was. It's just before entering the Spire's Ascent section.

Spire's Ascent –
___ Simulator Disc – Spiderwoman – At first bridge, visible across the bridge on the left side, in the chasm on a little ledge
___ +1 striking – After the second bridge and just before the third bridge, watch the right side of the path to curve backwards. There are some barrels and a bonfire there.
___ +1 focus – Between the last bridge and the Xtraction Point; on the left side near some trees and a Frost Giant Overlord.

Act 4


Royal Library –
___ +1 body
___ +1 focus
___ +1 striking
___ Sketch book

Royal Court –
___ Sketch book – along the outer ring

Shi'Ar Warship

Fighter Bay –
___ Sketch book – behind one of five crates that can be pushed around
___ Simulator Disc – Iceman – on the upper deck nearby, go up the stairs to the right of the pushable crates, and cross over to the opposite side

Starboard Crew Quarters –
___ +1 striking – in a corner

Shi'Ar Power Core/Hyperdrive
___ Simulator Disc – Ultron – when the guards split up, take the right path. It'll be near the keycard guard.
___ +1 focus – when the guards split up, take the left path. It'll be near the keycard guard.
___ +1 body – after beating Gladiator, it'll be to your left, possibly out of your sight (depending on camera angle).
___ Sketch book – a little farther down the hall to the left

Outer Hull –
___ +1 striking – above and to the left of the gun force field controls
___ Simulator Disc – Ulik – to the right of the gun force field controls, at the very top of the level. It's approximately above the second gun you can destroy.
___ Daredevil action figure – after going past the communications dish and three more guns, follow the walkway around down, right, and then up. When you go up, go all the way up, and it's in a corner.

Observation Deck –
___ +1 body – in the room where you actually fight Deathbird, on the right side

Science Section –
___ +1 skill point – immediately to the right upon entering the section
___ Black Panther action figure – If you circle the level clockwise (starting to the left), it'll be in the room just before you get to Lilandra's room, straight ahead, past a couple of pillars. This is the room where you go down the stairs into a square section and destroy a power node in one corner. In the center there is a revolving structure with purple lights. At the location where you destroy the power node to get extra time to stop the self-destruct sequence, you can jump up to raised section with some crates. The action figure is there.
___ +1 focus – in the room with the M'Kraan crystal

Skrull Homeworld

Sky Towers –
___ Simulator Disc – Piledriver – just go straight ahead and you'll see it.
___ Black Panther action figure – after you take the first left, it'll be on the left in an area where you fight some Skrulls
___ +1 body – near one of two flaming piles
___ +1 focus – near the other flaming pile

Aeronautics –
___ +1 focus – in a tiny room just before the Xtraction point.
___ Sketch book – Outside one of the two doors that open when you use the console to open the hangar.
___ +1 striking – As above, but outside the other door.

Cityscape –
___ Simulator Disc – Ms. Marvel – on the catwalk just after the first set of bad guys
___ Sketch book – just past the first optronic drill
___ +1 body – a little ways past the first optronic drill (farther than the sketch book)
___ +1 striking – at the end of the broken catwalk a short distance from the body pickup
___ Simulator Disc – Human Torch – just after you first get Galactus' attention, go down the short edge of the next part of the catwalk.

Heights of Progress –
___ Simulator Disc – Dragonman – in front of the Xtraction point
___ +1 skill point – After the Xtraction point, go in the first possible room on the left. It's in there.
___ Free Level Up for currently controlled hero – Save the Skrull scientist and talk to him.
___ Daredevil action figure – in the other cell that opens when you free the scientist (the right cell).

Act 5

DoomStark (after beating Doom Ironmen)
___ Sketch Book – on table by Black Widow
___ +1 striking – by training simulator
___ +1 focus – by trivia machine
___ +1 body – by Hank Pym

Castle Doom

First section –
___ +1 skill point, Daredevil action figure – At the third magical stone bridge, there are two knights in the corners of the room. Destroy them to make the pillars in the room transform into weapon caches.

Castle Doom (room with Xtraction point that's covered) –
___ Sketch book – by the door on the left side of the area
___ +1 focus (x4), +1 body (x4), +1 strike (x4) – need gauntlets, armor, and mask of Doom

Doom's Lair –
___ Black Panther action figure – use bookcase in a room on the left side of the hall to access the secret room. Open the weapon cache to make the action figure appear on the pedestal.
___ +1 skill point – in a room on the right side of the hall, between two beds
___ Sketch book – A little past another movable bookcase that opens up into a stone passageway. The sketch book is in the passageway.

Hall of Arms –
___ Sketch book – immediately to your left upon entering

Doom's Lab –
___ Sketch book – room across from the room the damaged Ultimate Nullifier was in.

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