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Marvel Ultimate Alliance - Comic Book / Simulator Missions

Forming A Team in Marvel Ultimate Alliance (for PC)

This is one of our Marvel Ultimate Alliance walkthrough / cheats / mods posts. For an index of all Marvel Ultimate Alliance posts, click here.

Over the course of the game, you will find CDs which unlock Comic Book Missions on the Simulator computer in Stark Towers. Or, you can use the simulator computer and enter a cheat code to unlock all missions.

The simulators tend to rapidly spawn an endless stream of enemies and are a great way of wasting your time being stressed and doing repetitive things. As you increase in level, the spawns increase in repetition, bosses get ridiculously hard to beat, and the time pressure really mounts.
If you are bored of all this stress, we have a mod to tweak the Comic Book Missions / Simulator missions, changing the time available and other factors which can change the difficulty in various ways, including increasing time, making bosses weaker, and removing minions.

Specific tips and tweaks for specific missions are in this post:

Captain America
  • You must at least attempt to defuse the bombs, but you don't actually have to succeed.
    • If you defuse them you get 500 points; if you fail you lose 500 points.
    • If you want to always succeed regardless of what you do, you can find the bomb scripts in \scripts\sim\heli1\ and...
      • copy over
      • copy over
      • copy over
  • Once you fight Winter Soldier, you have 60 seconds to defeat him AND pick up the launch codes that he drops AND go to the terminal where you spoke with Winter Soldier and activate it.
    • Periodically, one of the four terminals will flash red on their screen. You can run over and the option to press F to activate the terminal will be present. Do this enough time and you will get more time to defeat Winter Soldier.
    • You can find ...\scripts\sim\heli1\ and change setZoneVar("time", 10) to setZoneVar("time", 3610) . Once your 60 seconds runs out, the timer will disappear but you will have 1 more hour to defeat Winter Soldier.
Invisible Woman

  • You can turn on her invisibility and walk past all the enemies to the boss.

Mr. Fantastic
  • This is an extremely tough mission because of the multiple times you must destroy the clown car.
    • When you go onto the ice, notice that the bumper cars have a sparkling light. If you go to any one of them and activate them, you will get into the car and can then ride it around briskly to hit the clown car.
    • The further you travelled, the more forcefully your car will hit. Sideswipe the clowns to destroy them easily.
  • Another reason that this mission is hard is the clowns all have energy resistance, which means Mr. Fantastic's Xtreme power is largely useless.
  • Periodically, Dum Dum Dugan will be put under a heavy object to be crushed. You are supposed to quickly press the two indicated keys to get him out of trouble. The script takes off a fraction of his health, so after a few failures he will die.
    • You can still use your powers during the cutscene, but you cannot affect Dugan. If you use Web Warrior to pull and fling a barrel, it might hit the weight hanging over Dugan and destroy it. The cutscene will hang.
    • If you have Scorpion targeted with your Web Bullets, during the cutscene with the weight moving over Dugan, you can keep firing at Scorpion to further reduce his health. If you defeat him during this time, the cutscene will abort and the mission will be won.
    • If you are having a lot of trouble with this challenge, you can locate ...\scripts\sim\omega1\ and change health10pct = fmul(healthmax, 0.100 ) to health10pct = fmul(healthmax, 0.0100 ). This makes a failure take off 1% of Dugan's maximum health instead of 10% and therefore give you either more attempts or let you just ignore that challenge since he won't be much much.
  • You can fly past all the minions because they have no ranged attacks to knock you from the sky.
  • Once you hit Kurse with any weapon other than your Hammer (e.g., one of the weapons in the hall or one of the weapons taken from a minion), he will be vulnerable to your attacks for a long time and you don't have to keep using the mundane weapon.

  • Use his pop-up attack to damage the shielded soldiers without having to run around to the side or back of them.
  • If you keep fighting the respawning soldiers, they will eventually stop respawning (except in the room where they teleport in). With only 20 minutes, you don't really have time for this, though, and WarStar can take a lot of time to defeat when you are at a higher level.

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