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Marvel Ultimate Alliance - Ms. Marvel

Marvel Ultimate Alliance (for PC) - Playable Characters - Ms. Marvel

This is one of our Marvel Ultimate Alliance walkthrough / cheats / mods posts. For an index of all Marvel Ultimate Alliance posts, click here.

A list of all character notes: Black Panther, Blade, Captain America, Colossus, Daredevil, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Elektra, Ghost Rider, The Human Torch, Iceman, Iron Man, Invisible Woman, Luke Cage, Moon Knight, Mr. Fantastic, Ms. Marvel, Nick Fury, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Storm, Thing, Thor, Wolverine
  • Key Powers: Luminous, stunning Xtreme power.
  • One of a few characters (Daredevil, Ms. Marvel, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man) to have the time-slowing power.
  • One of a few characters to have a 300+ damage area effect regular attack power (Iron Man, Ms. Marvel).
  • One of three characters to have the stun-everyone Xtreme power that has a bonus effect against stunned targets (Elektra, Invisible Woman, Ms. Marvel).
  • Be careful with melee as some of her melee attack chains cause her to move forward a lot and you can end up sliding out of range of the enemy.
Powers: (at Skill Level 10)
  • Binary Boost (16 Skill Points, 100 Energy, 80 seconds)
    • Gives party Energy Damage to attacks and and Energy Damage Resistance.
    • +17% Energy Damage to attacks
    • 17% Energy Resistance.
  • Cosmic Awareness (12 Skill Points, 100 Energy, 16 seconds)
    • Slows time down for everyone except the party.
    • 50% Time Scale.
    • Comment:
      • Slows time, not targets. Therefore powers that have bonus effects against "slowed targets" do not benefit from this power.
  • Explosive Touch (14 Skill Points, 24 Energy)
    • Charges an enemy with explosive energy that will blow up after 3 seconds.
    • 41-45 Energy Damage + 139-154 Energy Damage in radius on detonation.
    • Comment:
      • If you can switch targets, you can set up various targets to explode one after the other in overlapping radii. But you might as well just use Luminous for almost 2x damage, and you can do so repeatedly because Luminous inflicts stun and knockdown when fully charged.
  • Luminous (16 Skill Points, 24 Energy)
    • A powerful force blast. Can be focussed for more damage or unfocussed for a wider cone of effect.
    • 71-74 Energy Damage unfocussed or 139-154 Energy Damage (focussed)
    • Chargeable (x2 damage, stun, knockdown)
  • Nega Blast (11 Skill Points, 33 Energy)
    • Fires a blast of energy into the ground, causing radial damage. Reduces attack speed of enemies.
    • 54-60 Energy Damage, Chargeable (x2 damage)
    • Target slowed 9 seconds.
  • Photon Burst (16 Skill Points, 28 Energy, 80 seconds)
    • Spawns multiple energy balls that will orbit Ms. Marvel and attack enemies that come into range.
    • 85-94 Energy Damage x 4 balls
    • Comments:
      • The duration refers to the time the balls will wait until they can attack. Once each ball has attacked once, the power ends.
      • The balls orbit near Ms. Marvel but can strike further away. They can go through barriers like walls.
  • Prism (9 Skill Points, 25 Energy)
    • Shoots an energy beam that splits and hits up to 3 additional targets behind the initial target.
    • 143-157 Energy Damage.
    • Comments:
      • Except for the long range and fast beam animation (hits the target almost instantly), this power is inferior to a level 10 Luminous.
  • Warbird's Wrath (Xtreme)
    • Massive flash of light does Energy Damage and stuns all enemies on screen.
    • 51-56 Energy Damage, 20 seconds Stun.
    • Targets that were already stunned take a critical hit for 50% of current Health.

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