Monday, September 19, 2011

Marvel Ultimate Alliance - Walkthrough - Act III

Marvel Ultimate Alliance (for PC): Walkthrough/Hints for Act III

This is one of our Marvel Ultimate Alliance walkthrough / cheats / mods posts. For an index of all Marvel Ultimate Alliance posts, click here.

Act III - Asgard
  • Norse Warriors
    • Sometimes they will become temporarily invulnerable and there will be a note that says they are vulnerable to a particular move. However, this does not always work.
    • You can instead use a Grab ("F") and disarm them of their sword. This will make them vulnerable to regular attacks again.
  • Odin's Courtyard, West Wing
    • You can either slide a block onto a pressure place to unlock a door to get the Hand of Tyr, or you can have a hero with Might lift the jaws of Fenris.
  • Battleground
    • There is a boulder that a hero with Might can push, but it will end up sitting on top of an upgrade, making it inaccessible. Instead, go around from the left side.
  • Ymir
    • It's not immediately intuitive how to defeat Ymir, especially with the odd camera angle and the arrow pointing to something behind Ymir. Do not go to the arrow. You can't reach it anyway because you can't move past Ymir.
    • Defeat the Frost Giant that bursts out of the water and grab its spear when it drops it. When Ymir slams his club down, block it, then run up to the club. You should end up on the club. Press the key sequence that shows and you will wind up stabbing Ymir in the neck. Do this a few times to win.
    • If you are having trouble with the key sequence, go to the directory ..\scripts\act3\niffleheim\niffleheim2 and copy over Then, when you jump onto the club, deliberately FAIL to press the correct key. This will normally trigger a fail (you get brushed off), but since we have changed the script, Ymir will instead lose a portion of his health as if you had succeeded.
  • Loki
    • It is not immediately intuitive how to defeat Loki in the battle armor.
      • First, go through one of the four portals. You will end up in a room. If Loki is in it, you chose the correct portal. Otherwise, defeat all the trolls and an exit will appear to take you back to the hall where you released the Destroyer Armor.
      • Once you are in the room with Loki, position yourself with Loki between you and the Destroyer Armor and just wait until it fires. It will defeat Loki for you.

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