Monday, September 19, 2011

Marvel Ultimate Alliance - Walkthrough - Act II

Marvel Ultimate Alliance (for PC): Walkthrough/Hints for Act II

This is one of our Marvel Ultimate Alliance walkthrough / cheats / mods posts. For an index of all Marvel Ultimate Alliance posts, click here.

Act II - Part 1 - Murderworld
  • Maze of Death
    • Dr. Strange can teleport through the hedges. Use this to reach the exit instead of pulling the fingers because heroes have a tendency to wander into the floor traps, which causes instant KO. Even if the other heroes cannot teleport, they will eventually follow or be teleported by the game when your currently controlled character is too far from them.
  • Arcade
    • It's not immediately intuitive, but you have to wait until the giant robot is on or near the bullseye on the ground. Then walk over one of the four trap doors on the ground. The hero who drops down will be shot out of one of the cannons and onto the robot's head. Keep tapping the one button shown and eventually the robot will slap itself, hurting itself.
Act II - Part 2 - Mephisto's Realm
  • Demonic Leapers - If you have to melee them, you can try grabbing them and punching them instead of your regular attack. This prevents at least that one Leaper from jumping on your back.
  • Fire Giants - If you attempt to Grab them (interact with "F" key), you will end up on its back, and there is a button press challenge. It is not clear what you can accomplish, except maybe stay on its back longer if you press the correct buttons, and that way let other team members attack while it is busy (?)
  • Rituals
    • 1 - Lava Fountain - If you get a Leaper on your back, you might as well jump inside before shaking them off, if you have a healer.
    • 2 - Gravestones - The enemies are supposed to be invincible here until you destroy the gravestones, but Dr. Strange's Black Magic can transform them into crates.
    • 3 - Trees - Same as for Gravestones: Black Magic can destroy the enemies, and reveal the portal, without you having to chop down the trees.
    • 4 -
    • 5 -
  • Choosing between Nightcrawler and Jean Grey
    • You cannot save both even though prior to your fight with Mephisto your heroes claim they will do just tht. There is no script that handles the possibility.
  • Mephisto - To finish the encounter with Mephisto, you need to...
    • Part 1 - Harm him until he becomes invulnerable.
    • Part 2 - Grab his sword when he pulls it out ("F" key), then press spacebar until you disarm him.
    • Part 3 - Use his sword to hit one of the statues. As you destroy them, the X-man will gain solidity on the middle platform.
    • Part 4 - Repeat 1-3 until all statues are destroyed.
    • Part 5 - Fight Mephisto until he becomes invulnerable.
    • Part 6 - Defeat the X-man. When you have done so, a cutscene starts.

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