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Walkthrough and Cheats - Daggerdale

Walkthrough and Cheats - Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale

The game is essentially a very straightforward one since there are quest markers to guide you to where you need to go next. I will only have notes for tricky quests.


You can cheat a lot by changing DnDGame.ini (in My Documents\My Games\Daggerdale\DnDGame\Config\ ). Here are some of the useful things you can do:
  • DefaultCharactersPerSecond=500
    •  This speeds up the appearance of text in the dialogs. Since the characters don't actually voiceover anything, you're not missing anything by skipping the text.
  • ItemSellValueMultiplier=1.0
    • You can get gold from barrels or fighting the frequently respawning monstesr again and again. Instead of grinding through boring things like that, you can instead sell at the same price you buy. This gets you about 8x as much gold as normal.
  • PercentReductionConvertToGold=0.0
    • Normally when you convert an item into gold pieces through your Inventory screen, you lose about 10% of its sale value. By setting this value to 0.0, you lose nothing.
  • HealthMultiplier1P=1.0, DmgMultiplier1P=1.0
    •  This changes the monster health and damage (respectively) in Single Player to 100% of normal. If you find certain areas too hard, change this to a fraction of 1.0, such as 0.1 (10% health). At 0.5 each, the random encounters go by quite quickly and shouldn't bog down the game too much; also, you won't be quaffing potions quite as much.
  • Change your starting stats
    • Look for [PlayerTemplate DNDPlayerPawnTuningValues] in the file. That stats block in the .INI file is for the Fighter. The stat blocks below that are for the Cleric, Rogue, and Wizard. You can change the Base___ values to change your starting stats.

Characters - Assorted Tips
  • You get 2 Skill Points per level, so you can plan which powers you want.
  • Ranged attacks can hit something even if you are not targeting it. Therefore, if you fire downhill, you can get more range than firing straight ahead.
  • Bows have good range, and a Rogue can stand off at a distance and arc arrows toward the enemy. Sometimes the enemy will not react to being hit. None of them react to arrows falling nearby. The arrow arcs in the direction you last moved forward.
  • Spells have a huge cooldown time if you charge them up. For wizards, decide if you want the area effect from charging instead of just charging up all the time. If you don't charge up, you can use Fireball and Spray of Enfeeblement almost continuously, one after the other.
  • To take down a single target quickly, it is better for a Wizard to use a fast throwing weapon. After your three shots, you can easily run around or move if you have to. It's harder to do that with spells.
  • Wizard teleport is useless on slopes since it aborts when you collide with something, in this case, the slope.

Quest: Lucky Anvil
  • I played a solo wizard and got only an unenchanted Long Sword for the trouble.
  • If you have a hard time keeping Rheda Slatehelm alive, find the stat block that begins with [RhedaSlatehelm_AI DNDAiPawnTuningValues] and change RaciaJHealthScale or RacialHealthAddition.
Quest: By Your Own Hands
  • If you are having trouble killing Garbo before he reaches the water and are tired of retrying, change HealthMultiplier1P into a small fraction (e.g., 0.1) for the duration of the quest. He will also have a fraction of his Health and you can kill him easily.
Quest: Destroy the Spirit Shackles
  • There are no quest markers for the 4 ghosts you have to kill. Leave Resil and keep going back the way you came. By the time you are past the bridge with the two red banners, you should encounter the 4th ghost.
  • If you are having trouble keeping Resil alive for the trek back, you can try looking for the stat block that begins with [ResilQuartzbellows_AI DNDAiPawnTuningValues] and change RaciaJHealthScale or RacialHealthAddition.
Quest: Morbid Collector
  • You can only get Phaerlock skulls from those that are marked quest targets. You may come to a point where you are at the quest location but there is nothing left there (see picture below). Keep going in the tunnel loop back toward the camp. You should encounter the remaining Phaerlocks.
empty quest location

Quest: Skull Lord
  • When the Skull Lord stops to rest, the base of the pillars will have a red aura. Attack one to bring it down on the Skull Lord.
Quest: Do You Smell That
  • If you have trouble with the knockdown attacks from the boss, then attack the boss first and leave the minions alive. The boss will not move if attacked at range. Once the boss is dead, the minions automatically disappear.

  • Let it chase you through some Banites. That will cause the Banites and the Rocksmasher to occupy themselves fighting each other. Turn around and use ranged combat.
  • If it hits and misses you (e.g., A Rogue or Wizard can dodge out of the way quickly), it's fist gets stuck in the ground briefly and it can't move or make any attacks during that time.
  • Attack both legs, then head. Use the catapults on the head (there is one lever that turns the catapult if necessary). You can't use the catapults on the dragon until the legs are "defeated".
  • When you have defeated it, you need to run to Rezlus and press the interaction button (F or middle mouse button or mouse wheel if you can click that).
    • Even though the quest says to defeat Rezlus, you actually can't attack or hit him in any way. This is not intuitive and throws a lot of people off.
    • You really only have about a second to run to him when the flame barrier goes down.
      • To do this, so stay on the dragon's left side (right side of the screen) to finish off the health on the dragon's head there and start running toward Rezlus when it is defeated.
      • You will go past the flames once you are allowed to; meanwhile, the flame barrier will cause you no damage.
      • If you don't reach Rezlus quickly and press F, the dragon will land, the wind will push you back, and you have to start all over with fighting the dragon.
  • Once Rezlus is dead, you end up on the dragon's back. You have infinite retries.
    • Use W to move forward.
    • If a key shows up, hit that key. It means the dragon will try a maneuver to shake you off and you have only about a second to react and hang on.
    • If the dragon looks over a shoulder, that means he will breathe. If he breathes and you are on the wrong side, you will be shaken off. When he looks over his shoulder, move to the other side of his crest with A or D. There are only two openings, so if you are in between them when he breathes, too bad.
    • Once you make it to the head, even if you press all the right keys, you may be forced to retry a couple of times. The sequence at the head is the same every time until you manage to stab the dragon in the eye.

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