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Marvel Ultimate Alliance - Spider-Woman

Marvel Ultimate Alliance (for PC) - Playable Characters - Spider-Woman

This is one of our Marvel Ultimate Alliance walkthrough / cheats / mods posts. For an index of all Marvel Ultimate Alliance posts, click here.

A list of all character notes: Black Panther, Blade, Captain America, Colossus, Daredevil, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Elektra, Ghost Rider, The Human Torch, Iceman, Iron Man, Invisible Woman, Luke Cage, Moon Knight, Mr. Fantastic, Ms. Marvel, Nick Fury, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Storm, Thing, Thor, Wolverine
  • One of very few characters who can heal the party (Doctor Strange, Silver Surfer, Spider-Woman), and the only one who does not need to be unlocked. However, her power (Metabolic Aura) isn't available until level 14.
  • One of a few characters with a 300+ damage power (Venom Blast). Plus it's long-range, piercing (can shoot through several targets) and fires near-instantly.
Powers: (at Skill Level 10)
  • Attract (16 Skill Points, 100 Energy, 80 seconds)
    • Uses a pheromone that will cause enemies near Spider-Woman to focus on her. Also gives her a 50% ongoing resistance to the last damage type that hit her.
    • Comment:
      • Possibly useful to get other team members out of trouble, or to have enemies constantly converge to be hit by Bio-Electric Surge.
  • Bio-Electric Surge (11 Skill Points, 33 Energy)
    • Releases a powerful radial blast causing energy damage and knockback.
    • 54-60 Energy damage, radius.
  • Ensnare (16 Skill Points, 28 Energy)
    • Throws out several incapacitating traps that for a time will deliver energy damage to the enemies caught in them.
    • 85-94 Energy Damage x 18 seconds (1530-1692), x5 traps
    • Comments:
      • Spreads traps on the ground -- not targeted, and there is no guarantee that a target right in front of you will be hit.
      • Does not work against large targets like the Super Soldiers in the Omega Base.
      • Target cannot attack or defend while they are stuck.
  • Metabolic Aura (12 Skill Points, 100 Energy, 50 seconds)
    • Surrounds Spider-Woman with a healing aura that will also heal allies that come into range.
    • Heals 2% Health per second.
  • Spider's Bite (8 Skill Points, 28 Energy)
    • Spawns several energy balls from both her feet and hands, causing energy damage.
    • 85-94 Energy damage per ball.
  • Spider's Blood (14 Skill Points, 26 Energy)
    • Throws a bouncing projectile that will cause energy damage and have a 50% chance to stun.
    • 82-90 Energy Damage, 50% chance of Stun (21 seconds).
  • Venom Blast (16 Skill Points, 24 Energy)
    • Shoots a bioelectric beam that will pierce multiple enemies if fully charged.
    • 139-154 Energy Damage, Chargeable (x2 damage and piercing)
  • Bio Web (Xtreme)
    • Weaves a bio-electric web that will break, causing heavy energy damage. Has a chance to turn enemies into allies for a time. Once the time expires, turned enemies are instantly killed.
    • 68-75 Energy damage.
    • 20% chance of turning enemy for 10 seconds.

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