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SW:EAW: Forces of Corruption - Zann Consortium Buildings

Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption - Zann Consortium Buildings
This is a hint / walkthrough for buildings in Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. The index of all our guides for Empire at War: Forces of Corruption is here.

The general strategy for the Galactic Map is a bit different from the Empire at War Rebellion and Imperial Campaigns because you can now Corrupt planets, and Corruptions remain even after you have conquered the planet.
Also, you cannot remove a Corruption yourself once it is in place, so you may have to wait for prerequisites if you want to Corrupt a planet before conquering it (e.g., Put Racketeering on it before invading, and collect credits for every unit you destroy; or conduct Piracy to access different types of ships).
Further, because the Empire and the Rebellion are busy with each other, you can expect them to destroy each other's fleets for you. This saves you from having to maintain a large navy.
Finally, you cannot build Mining Facilities. The only "mining income" you can get is from a Zann Consortium Palace, which generally gives you 7x the base income of a planet.

For the Forces of Corruption campaign, we went with a mix of keeping the story going and Corrupting planets as our focus. In between Missions, we corrupted every planet at which we could choose a desirable Corruption. Because heroes and Defilers can travel in stealth and thereby attack any planet while bypassing forces in orbit, we generally left the fleets intact (as they generally do not have ground forces, and therefore can't invade the planet anyway).
We only built a Zann Consortium Palace on many planets because we were prepared to lose them. The investment is only about 4000 credits in total: 1000 for a Defiler to perform a Corruption, around 1000 for a Corruption, and 2000 for a Zann Consortium Palace. Depending on the planetary income, this could be recovered in 4-7 days.

On planets where we wanted to keep, we maximized the space station and built Barracks and Factories for their garrisons, but this was rare because only a few planets were really interesting to hold for their special features or because they had a lot of Building slots (in turn meaning you can build a lot of factories and thereby reduce build time).

By leaving enemy fleets in orbit in the early game, you will be inhibiting the movement of your own fleets and troops (especially going past The Maw), but for most missions you can just move heroes and Defilers anyway, and they can bypass enemy fleets.

When defending your space station, you can often have a garrison of Broadside Cruisers or Marauders. They will start ahead of your station, so pull them back immediately and to the sides, and have them hold position. Their barrage will help you fight back fighters and bombers, and when cruisers start to charge your station, they can add their considerable firepower to that of your station.
In some places, however (like Nal Hutta), this can be tricky.

Remember that you can select your station and then right-click on an enemy unit to get it to direct all valid fire at that target. This can really help in crippling an enemy and making it turn. You will want to then hit the engines before moving onto another target. This will help you keep them in range if you can find the breathing room to finish them off.

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