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Battle for Middle Earth - Evil Campaign - Amon Hen

Battle for Middle Earth - Evil Campaign Map - Summit of Amon Hen (+1 Power)
This is a hint/walkthrough post for Battle for Middle Earth. You can find an index of all our Battle for Middle Earth posts here.

You start this map with Lurtz and a single Uruk Pit. If you lose either, you will probably not be able to rebuild them as you have no resources except assorted treasure chests and whatever you can get from the Devastation Power (if you have it). You will therefore have to be stingy if you want to complete this mission and still have a reasonable troop lineup to take with you on the next one.
I recommend not being too attached to the two units of infantry, although you will need them against large mobs of elves and to block heroes, who like to concentrate on Lurtz.

Take point with Lurtz and advance very carefully. He can shoot into the fog of war occasionally (once he has attacked at least one individual of a unit, even if the rest of the unit is inside the fog of war). He is also very hardy against the arrows of the Elven Warriors, so use him solo whenever you can to preserve your troops.

The "secret allies" are from a Troll Cave behind the Summit ruins (which Lurtz can scout without going up the summit). They do not continue to the next mission if they survive. Two more respawn when the existing two die.

After defeating Gimli, a horn will sound, announcing reinforcements. Quickly do an Attack Move (hotkey "A") on all your troops back to the Uruk Pit. This way, they will attack the various Elven Warriors that suddenly appear while you quickly shift your attention to the southeast part of the map.
There, two units of Uruk Hai Infantry are chasing Merry and Pippin. Select them and put them on their defensive formation so they will survive the initial Rohirrim charge. Direct them to move to the right to grab the treasure chests. Don't bother trying to save them after that as they can't survive a second trample.

In general, you will encounter a throng of Elven Warriors assisting a hero. Kill the Elves but run immediately if the hero goes after Lurtz. Once you use the Cripple power on the hero, it will mostly be up to concentrated crossbow fire and Lurtz's arrows to take them down. All of the heroes, including the halflings at the end, can easily kill Lurtz solo. Be very careful of Legolas and the halflings as they have strong ranged attacks.

Merge your crossbowmen with Pikemen so you don't have to rush to move them if a Rohirrim squad comes charging out when you aren't expecting them. By the time you see them coming out of the fog of war, it is probably too late to mouse over to the area, grab the unit and move them while hoping there won't be a traffic jam that freezes them in place.

After Amon Hen, you must finish conquering the Eaves of Fangorn, the Gap of Rohan, and Rohan itself before you can proceed to the next plot point, Edoras.
At this point, choose which hero you want to play Isengard with, and exclusively use them and their army. In this way, you can bring an army to higher veterancy than if you use both. I recommend Lurtz because his passive abilities make him more consistently useful than Saruman, who has to wait for his powers to recharge and who takes more micromanaging.

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