Monday, February 7, 2011

SW:EAW: Forces of Corruption - Ryloth

Star Wars: Empire at War - Ryloth
This is a hint / walkthrough for a planet in Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. The index of all our guides for Empire at War: Forces of Corruption is here.

The Forces of Corruption campaign starts with Tyber Zann's headquarters on Ryloth. You therefore do not get the chance to choose a Corruption, but if you are forced to defend on Ryloth, you will find that it has the Racketeering Corruption, which makes it a good choice for taking on the enemy, as every unit you destroy gives you credits.

You can immediately upgrade the space station level 3 to level 4, but it will not open any new construction options, and the cash drain will force you to wait extra days before continuing with Corruption missions as each Defiler costs 1000 credits.

After Mission 12 (A Dark Ally), the Empire will send a fleet toward Ryloth, destroying any pirate fleets in the way. Even if you deliberately lose, the fleet will just sit in orbit and not invade the planet -- you cannot therefore see what Corruption options are available for Ryloth.

Space Battle
If you are defending at Ryloth, you will notice that your reinforcements arrive in the wrong direction -- That is, away from the enemy fleet. Good for bombers, bad for everything else.

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