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Battle for Middle Earth - Evil Campaign - Cirith Ungol

Battle for Middle Earth - Evil Campaign Map - Cirith Ungol (+10 Power)
This is a hint/walkthrough post for Battle for Middle Earth. You can find an index of all our Battle for Middle Earth posts here.

None of the troops from Cirith Ungol will carry over.
Although you have no resource producing buildings, there are a lot of treasure chests that can give close to 1,000 resource each so resources are actually not lacking unless you waste your troops.
Orc Warriors are NOT free here -- They cost 100 resource.
The Uruk Pit cannot build Uruk-Hai Pikemen, but there are no horsemen in the enemy.

The tight corridors and masses of enemies makes trolls a good choice here, as they can function as Mordor cavalry. Remember that trolls do not run unless they have been ordered to attack a target. Therefore, for your entire horde of trolls, choose the furthest enemy unit so that they will run through the enemy ranks in between.
Trolls are weak against archers and fire, so have Shelob take point to draw fire. She can absorb a lot of arrows and fire arrows, and makes a good distraction for you to run through the enemy ranks with your trolls.

After Cirith Ungol, you may have 20 Power Points to immediately buy the Summon Balrog power, unless you spent too many Power Points rather than take the cheapest path toward that ultimate power.
The next mission, Chapter 17, allows you to choose one territory to conquer. You can choose from whatever territories you didn't choose after Southern Ithilien, plus some new ones.
Isengard forces can capture Anorien (+10% Resources), Eastern Rohan (+10% Resources), Enedwaith (+10% Resources), the Fords of Isen (+20% Resources, +50 Command), and West Emnet (+10% Resources, +50 Command).
Mordor forces can capture Cair Andros (+3 Power), Central Ithilien (+20% Resources), Crossroads (+2 Power), Emyn Arnen (+2 Power), Harlond (+2 Power), Lebennin (+1 Power), Northern Ithilien (+20% Resources), or Pelargir (+10% Resources, +2 Power). Mordor still has no heroes even though you will have played with a Nazgûl and Gollum already.

From here on, you need to conquer a territory adjacent to Minas Tirith in order to attack that city and win the campaign. You can work your way east with Isengard forces. Whichever army you choose, more territories become available as you capture those available.
Remember that you have already reached the Command Limit, so prioritize Power if you don't have enough to get Summon Balrog.

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