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Battle for Middle Earth - Good Campaign - Rohan Territories

Battle for Middle Earth - Good Campaign Maps - Rohan Territories
This is a hint/walkthrough post for Battle for Middle Earth. You can find an index of all our Battle for Middle Earth posts here.

Eomer will have to defend all the Rohan territories eventually, and can branch north to the forests east of Isengard and the Misty Mountains. He has a lot of missions, so plan on your Rohan army composition now. To have most of your force fighting at any one time (and all taking advantage of Eomer's passive +100% horseman damage bonus), you will probably want most of them to be fire-arrow capable Rohirrim Archers.
I recommend retaining Eomer's starting force of two Rohirrim Warriors and maybe add another two to four later because they can be further upgraded to have Horse Shields, giving them more survivability against Pikemen, hopefully allowing you to trample at least the low veterancy ones.
This said, the very first Eomer/Rohan mission will NOT allow you to build anything other than Rohirrim Warriors, Peasants, and Yeoman Archers; and in any case you cannot get the fire arrow upgrade.

If you want to end up with a large force of Rohirrim Archers, go for Command Points to give you room to build troops: Rohirrim Archers get their Fire Arrow upgrade from a level 2 Archery Range; you therefore need to recruit four units of archers before the Archery Range is upgraded to level 2 and you can buy that upgrade.
Because of this, you will need to have at least 15 Command Points free, and some way of sacrificing newly built archers to continue freeing up Command Points. To get rid of unwanted troops more safely than letting the enemy keep their base, send them to a monster den, like a Warg lair.
The Command Point limit for the Good Campaign is 300, or 15 squads of Rohirrim. 5 squads of Warriors and 10 squads of Archers will probably be a good mix.

The early Rohan Missions are best done with rushes. Send your Rohirrim in to the base and take out all but one building. For the last building, you may want to destroy high-level Isengard slaughterhouses because they add an archer tower, and archers are strong against even Veteran Rohirrim. At five per squad, you can accidentally lose a Rohirrim squad if you're slow to respond.
At your base, build a fountain early so that you can retreat wounded units there to heal and restore their numbers quickly. At just 5 riders per unit of Rohirrim, you need to keep their health up so you don't lose whole squads and all the veterancy accumulated. Veterancy is very important because Mordor and Isengard both have 10-orc squads and if you can't trample their archers, they can outshoot your squads. They don't have to outshoot your entire force, just kill off a single squad of five to whittle you down with attrition.
Two or three missions in, Isengard starts with veteran Pikemen and your Rohirrim will go down very quickly unless you retreat them. You will probably need to heal on the field with the EvenStar Heal power to keep moving, or build healing wells as far ahead on the map as you can to make healing stations.

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