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SW:EAW: Forces of Corruption - Shola

Star Wars: Empire at War - Shola
This is a hint / walkthrough for a planet in Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. The index of all our guides for Empire at War: Forces of Corruption is here.

Racketeering (Corruption Income +158)

You are required to choose this Corruption in Mission 4 (Defiler's Second Mission). Afterwards, you might as well take over the system to more than recover your costs in salvage. Upwards of 4000 credits is possible (mostly in the land battle), more if you allow the Hutt faction to keep building turrets so that you can destroy them (for +150 credits each).
Although the Corruption Income seems high, you will get more for the planet plus having a Consortium Palace. In any case, the Corruption remains for future battles even if you conquer the planet.

Space Battle
Shola starts with a minimal space garrison and no space station which you can take with just an Interceptor IV Frigate and a Tartan Patrol Cruiser for anti-fighter support. This lets you clear the way to have Bombing Runs if you invade.

Land Battle
Now that you have Racketeering in place, you can do the land battle either the fast way or the slow way.
The fast way is to split your initial force and rush to hold the second reinforcement point before the enemy digs in there with Anti-Aircraft Turrets. Take Urai Fen to the east, pausing briefly only to capture the Abandoned Mining Facility. Once he gets up north, call a Bombing Run on the Hutt Control Centre, thus destroying the only building on the map and removing the fog of war.
Tyber Zann and a Defiler can move up the western path to take the Abandoned Mining Facility along the way and quickly hold against the Hutt faction from taking it. Reinforce them with Urai Fen and a Bacta Healing Tank, and clear the rest of the map.

The slow way is similar to the fast way, except you let the enemy build turrets so you can destroy it for credits. You must also not destroy the Hutt Control Centre as that seems to make the enemy rush you since they have nothing more to defend. The advantage of the slow way is you can rack up a lot of credits -- more than enough to recover the money you spent on a Defiler and setting up Racketeering.

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