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SW:EAW: Forces of Corruption - Bespin

Star Wars: Empire at War - Bespin
This is a hint / walkthrough for a planet in Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. The index of all our guides for Empire at War: Forces of Corruption is here.

Bespin is revealed for Mission 14 (Cloud City Conflict) and you must complete this mission before you can Corrupt Bespin.

Piracy (Corruption Income +104, can build Broadside Cruisers)
You can do this Corruption at the same time you can do Piracy at Kessel (which gives you access to Marauder Corvettes). If you haven't already conquered Kessel, you can choose one, both, or neither.

When you first move your fleet to the trade lane location, you will find Broadside Cruisers. Take them out, but micromanage your forces to fly obliquely at them. If you charge head on, you will take the full brunt of their missiles. A ship that is being targeted should turn to fly diagonally away instead of turning too much and thereby waste time turning when they should be moving.

The transports you need to take out appear to the southwest and then the north of the map.


Space Battle

Land Battle
The first time you land Tyber Zann on Bespin, the special land battle for Mission 14 begins. You will probably want to immediately move Tyber Zann because he appears to also have been hit by Urai Fen when the stormtrooper is killed during the cutscene. In any case, his heath is critically low. You can avoid t his by using ESC to skip the cutscene.
Move the gas harvester droids back as well because an AT-ST Walker will charge in looking for them.

There are no buildings, so take your time and clear the map first. Bring in Silri and let her summoned Rancor take point to clear turrets. Once the map is clear, take your time with the missions.
That said, the Tibanna Gas stations refill quite quickly, so you really only need to secure one station and visit it repeatedly. After this mission you will get 50000 credits for their sale.

When there are only two objectives left, Darth Vader will come. If you have cleared the map already, this isn't as scary as it seems, although he can take down Silri's Rancor very easily. Use a Rancor Suicide Bomb on him, clear whatever entourage wasn't caught in the blast, then leisurely finish up.
Alternatively, if the final objectives are Tyber Zann's, he can probably complete them with a mixture of running away and use of his Personal Cloaking Field -- while he is planting evidence, his stealth field does not deactivate.

After Mission 14, Bespin has no buildings, but has Darth Vader (even if you defeated him during the mission) and a Noghri Assassin Squad (minor hero that can use Stealth).

After Mission 14, you can build Vengeance-Class Frigates, and may want to consider buying the Tech Level 4 Cloaking Device upgrade now, even though it will cost you over 30000 credits as you are still in Tech Level 3 (less if you control more Black Markets). It may be a good way to survive the Hypervelocity Gun in the Carida space battle in Mission 15.

Ships come

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