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SW:EAW: Forces of Corruption - Dathomir

Star Wars: Empire at War - Dathomir
This is a hint / walkthrough for a planet in Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. The index of all our guides for Empire at War: Forces of Corruption is here.

Dathomir becomes available in Mission 11 (Clearing the Way) and there is a special land mission for Mission 12 (A Dark Ally).

After Mission 12, Grand Admiral Thrawn sends a fleet to attack the Zann Consortium. The source appears to be Kuat, and it aims for Ryloth, going through Nal Hutta and Shola and any fleets there. Another fleet from possibly Dathomir or beyond goes down Yavin 4 and to Saleumaci. In either case, if the fleet wins at the system goal (Ryloth or Saleumaci), it will unfortunately just sit in orbit and not take the planet, so you cannot deliberately lose in order to change Corruptions at this time.
Under Auto-Resolve, a fleet may simply flee if it encounters a level 5 Space Station.

Behind the scenes, the Empire continues moving and during Mission 14 takes over Alzoc III (which isn't yet accessible). It will eventually mass at Dathomir with a vast force of ships and land invasion forces (total 109 point). They do not seem to want to attack the planet, but the blockade can make it tricky if you want to use Nightsisters.
You can try sneaking troops off the planet (preferably before the fleet gets too big) by taking troops into orbit. This triggers space combat. Hide in an asteroid field and Retreat from battle as soon as you are able. The transports will escape to the nearest safe planet.

Bribery (Corruption Income +43)

Corrupt Militia

Racketeering (Corruption Income +383)

Space Battle

Land Battle
Go to the extreme southwest to find an Abandoned Sensor Array, which will be of great help throughout this mission.
You may be tempted to shoot the volatile containers (and Tyber's shotgun, which covers an area, can accidentally set them off), but don't until you have had a careful look at the area--You could lose valuable opportunities if you do.

One of the recurring themes of Mission 12 on Dathomir is taking out Power Generators to disable turrets. However, turrets disabled in this way are no longer subject to attack. At the same time, if you set up Racketeering on Dathomir, each Turret is worth +150 credits.
Instead, use Tyber Zann to Bribe the SPMA-T that is sitting idle at Singing Mountain Prison, and use that throughout the map to destroy turrets and Turbolasers before taking out Power Generators. (At Singing Mountain Prison, it can destroy one turret at the prison door, but before it destroys the second, the Prison is destroyed, triggering the cutscene but allowing the damaged turret to continue firing and killing escaped prisoners).
You can also take the AT-AA, which seems to discourage Dark Troopers from flying. The Juggernaut was remarkably useless and couldn't stand up to too much turret fire or infantry (though it can run over infantry).

At the east side (where the power generator for the Governor's building resides), the AT-STs there had the curious ability to instantly kill a Nightsister or Urai Fen. It wasn't clear how this happened, except that the unit would just suddenly fall over dead. This may have been some sort of bug or loading error, but it happened consistently enough.

The reinforcements that the Governor calls amount to 3 Dark Trooper Phase III units that land north of the map, at the shuttle landing pad. They then walk slowly along the road toward the river gate. If they are severely injured, they start powering up their jetpacks to fly to the Uplink Station where there is a Vehicle Repair Station on a Build Pad.

After Mission 12 (A Dark Ally), there are no Imperial buildings on the ground. If you wait long enough during the land battle, most of the Imperials will kill themselves trying to clear the Rancor lairs, but you do not get salvage credits from Racketeering this way.

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