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SW:EAW: Forces of Corruption - Saleucami

Star Wars: Empire at War - Saleucami
This is a hint / walkthrough for a planet in Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. The index of all our guides for Empire at War: Forces of Corruption is here.

Intimidation (Corruption Income +43)
You are required to choose one of the Corruption options in Mission 8 (Corruption of Saleumaci). If you take the super-easy Intimidation mission, you will also fulfill the prerequisites for Racketeering on Yavin IV.

The mission attached to Intimidation here is easy if you see that the objective is to take out just one person (Governor Koong Eeth), rather than slog through a long battle. When you start, pull your troops back and move Urai Fen toward the objective as far as he can without getting killed, then activate his Stealth and go the rest of the way. Once you are at the target, wait until most of the infantry have moved off before attacking the target. Before anyone can react, you should already have "killed" the target and thereby completed the mission, whereupon all units on the field are invulnerable while the game plays some background music and shows you the victory message.
If, for whatever reason, you can't finish off the target without getting killed, the infantry nearby should be vulnerable to Urai Fen's stunning area attack, which buys you extra time to complete the mission.

You are required to choose one of the Corruption options in Mission 8 (Corruption of Saleumaci). If you choose Racketeering, you can probably recover all your costs during the subsequent invasion of Racketeering because of the hordes of enemy troops there. However, doing this delays your ability to Corrupt Yavin IV with Racketeering, and there is only one remaining Intimidation mission on Alzoc 3. You cannot change a Corruption on a planet on your own, and Retreating from the special land battle does not let the Hutt faction retake the planet and remove the Corruption (presumably because it hasn't been conquered yet).

Land Battle
At the start, you can probably withstand the initial rush if you keep your troops back. Your Grenadiers also have surprising range as they can arc their shots down the slope of the landing zone plateau while enemy soldiers can't necessarily fire successfully up the slope. Watch out for the initial rush of Swamp Speeders taking down Urai Fen if you aren't watching his health closely. If you turn on his Personal Cloaking Field, he can't draw fire to protect the free infantry you start with, so try to manage him to preserve your troops (although you will probably have enough if you do not advance down the landing zone).

Afterwards, if you advance Urai Fen cautiously and take your time to retreat and heal, he can actually clear all the enemies and the two Hutt Palaces between the landing zone and the southern Reinforcement Point.
There is also a side passage that allows him to completely bypass all enemies -- or send troops down to join up with those at the Reinforcement Point.

The mission will prematurely end in victory if you destroy all the enemy units and buildings before you reach the southern Reinforcement Point. However, in doing so, you will miss the brief cutscene and event at the Reinforcement Point.

Saleucami comes under your control afterwards. It will be attacked by an Imperial fleet (possibly from Dathomir or beyond, from planets you do not yet have access) after Mission 12 (A Dark Ally). Unfortunately, the fleet will just park itself over the planet if it wins and not take over the planet, denying you a chance to choose another Corruption.

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