Monday, February 7, 2011

SW:EAW: Forces of Corruption - Defiler

Star Wars: Empire at War - Defiler
This is a hint / walkthrough for a unit in Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. The index of all our guides for Empire at War: Forces of Corruption is here.

The Defiler is not a unique Major Hero character, but we have so many notes about them that we have separated it from the general land unit discussion. They have no real presence in Space Battles, and just show up in a small TZ-15 Shuttles.

Defilers have a strong blaster attack that can kill one individual of infantry per shot, so a pair of them can often destroy a Speeder Bike and its Scout Trooper very quickly. The range of the blaster is less than that of regular infantry.

Regarding the Remote Explosive:
  • The explosion is about three times the visible explosion diameter and apparently just as powerful throughout.
  • Three explosives roughly equal the power of one bombing run.
  • Any Defiler can detonate any explosive. All explosives are detonated when you issue the detonate command.
  • The explosion ignores shields and is therefore great for taking out clumps of T2-B Repulsor Tanks, which it can do with a single blast.
  • The explosive can be attached to a building, Build Pad structure, or enemy unit. If a unit moves out of the way, the explosive will land on the ground. It can still be detonated and will still harm all targets within its blast radius. Any number of explosives can be attached to the same target.
  • To plant an explosive on the ground for later detonation, you can move an ally to the location you want the explosive and pause the game. Now, issue the command to throw an explosive at your ally, and issue the ally a move command away from their location. What should happen when you unpause the game is the targeted ally moves away while the explosive lands where they were standing. There is no guarantee that the enemy won't see the explosive and shoot it, thus detonating it harmlessly.
  • The explosive can be attached to an ally (such as a Scout Trooper (bribed by Tyber Zann) or Silri's summoned Rancor) to make a suicide bomber. When it explodes, it will hurt the unit. Some few units (mostly heroes) can survive a bomb, although their health would then be so low that they might not survive enemy retaliation.
  • Another possible use of the delayed detonation is to plant it on an enemy building and then retreat. When the defenders return to their positions near the building, set off the explosives to take out the defenders as well.
  • The explosive cannot be attached to an unowned structure, such as a bunker that has not been claimed by either yourself or the enemy.
  • The explosive exists in-game as a very small device, and can occasionally be shot out of the air. It prematurely explodes harmlessly. If detonated in mid-air, it is also harmless.
  • Sometimes their pathfinding gets them stuck and they keep running in place while trying to move close enough to a target. You can usually issue a move command to get them by an obstacle.
  • Sometimes they can get stuck, and the unit cannot be moved. You generally have no choice but to reload the game.

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