Monday, February 21, 2011

Battle for Middle Earth - Good Campaign - Isengard

Battle for Middle Earth - Good Campaign Map - Isengard (+10% Resources, +2 Power)
This is a hint/walkthrough post for Battle for Middle Earth. You can find an index of all our Battle for Middle Earth posts here.

If you've played the Evil Campaign, you will already know that any Ent that is hit by fire eventually dies -- including TreeBeard. Also, Saruman's fireball can hit multiple Ents with fire, and always sets them afire.
Play cautiously at the start -- clear the uruk-hai outside and group your Ents into two teams, one team on ranged attack and one team on melee. At this time, you can safely send Treebeard to handle the troll lair to the north, and the hobbits to handle the goblin lair to the southwest. This nets you some treasure. Retreat TreeBeard to the Ent Moot so you can win the campaign with the Bonus objective (if you lose TreeBeard but revive him, you still fail that objective).
At the wall, watch for Saruman to come out after an initial big wave of Uruk-Hai. He will probably sit behind the gate. Separate your ents and have only one out in front because he's likely to get killed by Saruman's fireball. Take down the gate if you need to in order to expose Saruman. Hit him from afar with rocks. When he goes down, the Uruks retreat to the dam, allowing you to destroy their camp.
Now, advance cautiously to take down buildings. Use large Ent teams of 4 or more to quickly take down buildings. As soon as possible, go for the Forges because they are required to upgrade crossbowmen with fire crossbows. The AI will wait until crossbowmen are engaged to upgrade them so that it will almost always have fire crossbows against your Ents. You can use this to your advantage by avoiding the uruks and taking down their buildings from afar first.
The hobbits take forever to destroy any building at range, but are quite strong against uruks, and can probably survive exchanging fire with a team of uruk fire crossbows.
There are water pools where you can retreat an Ent, but when they are initially set afire, you lose control over them. It can be tricky to use the water pools to save your Ents, so instead put the hobbits in front of your Ent rock-tossing teams. After they throw some rocks, if fire crossbow uruks come, retreat them immediately and let the hobbits attack the uruks. Once the uruks stop to attack the hobbits, or if they show no sign of stopping to fire, turn around and trample them.

If you re-target an Ent, it will have to pick up a new rock no matter how far it was in the pick-up-rock animation.
You can choose which individual in a unit will be hit by a rock. Usually, a rock will not hit the entire unit, so have different ents target different corners of a unit to try to kill an entire unit in one volley before they can rush. When an Ent is directed to throw, it will throw at the initially targeted location even if the unit has moved. And this targeting occurs at the time the attack order is given, not once it has the rock ready to throw.

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