Monday, February 7, 2011

SW:EAW: Forces of Corruption - Silri

Star Wars: Empire at War - Silri
This is a hint / walkthrough for a hero in Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. The index of all our guides for Empire at War: Forces of Corruption is here.

You get Silri during Mission 13 (A Dark Ally) and at that point finally get a good artillery shield / tank. She is very tough personally, and can heal herself with the Drain Life power that all Nightsisters have -- a very wide-radius power that also works on vehicles and turrets. Against Turrets and artillery, she can send her summoned Rancor, Cuddles.

As she can repeatedly summon her Rancor, there is an interesting opportunity to pair her with (a lot) of Defilers, since Defilers can plant their Remote Explosives on allies. The Rancor is generally hardy enough to survive a run through enemy forces, so you could plant a lot of explosives on it, let it run to a dangerous target (like a hero), and then detonate. Remember that the radius is very wide, so you don't have to get too close. Also, the detonation will hurt the ally, so the fact that Silri can re-summon her Rancor is very handy.

The Rancor needs a certain amount of micromanagement as it turns clumsily and can occasionally be stuck in a railing or wall section and not be able to move forward (but will keep trying and moving in place instead of detouring out and around).

The Rancor can secure Build Pads and buildings like Nightsisters, but cannot trample infantry.

Her force whip looks slow in attacking, but it is actually two attacks in one animation, and a single lash will destroy a T2-B Repulsor tank. It ignores shields.

Silri has no powers in a space battle, and appears in a transport shuttle.

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