Monday, May 30, 2011

Neverwinter Nights 2 - Crafting Alternatives

Neverwinter Nights 2 - Original Campaign - Crafting

The crafting system in the Original Campaign can create very powerful weapons as there is no Item Level Requirement (which will affect you in the expansion campaigns). The main limitations are having the Craft feats, finding Essences, and finding Gems. Aside from the Craft feats, the actual cost to create some very powerful items is minimal. However, given the combination of having to have Craft feats, limited sources of Essences, and limited sources of Gems, you actually have a system that is bothersome to coordinate and frustrating to use.

I recommend using cdaulepp's Random Loot Generator to increase loot (including the possibility of Essences or crafting components; and it generates some interesting loot now and again) and if you like the crafting system, you can use The Complete Craftsman (plus the Mask of the Betrayer update for The Complete Craftsman) to expand your crafting choices. The Complete Craftsman also allows you to salvage magical items for Essences and Gems.

Note that cdaulepp's Random Loot Generator can generate an excessive number of items, so instead of selling them and cluttering merchant inventory, you may wish to get an item that will convert an item into the gold piece value as calculated by the Neverwinter Nights 2 Editor.

For an easier and yet more balanced approach to crafting, you can use a combination of cdaulepp's Random Loot Generator for more loot and sell most of it to have the enormous amount of cash to create custom items on the fly with Charlie's Item Modifier.
You may wish to tweak the script to decrease the staggering 100% markup because even items with a +2 or +3 Enhancement Bonus can cost tens of thousands of gold even before this built-in markup.

What is particularly nice about Charlie's Item Modifier is that you only pay the cost difference when upgrading or changing an item, so there's not much of a penalty if you make a mistake or want to rethink your project. Keep an eye on the ILR (Item Level Requirement) and limit yourself to something close to your character's level to keep your items from being overpowered (ILR is not implemented for the Original Campaign).

By using Charlie's Item Modifier, you are no longer limited to what someone has scripted. Combine it with Charlie's Item Appearance Changer (which was further expanded with an Expansion Patch) to further customize the appearance of your gear.

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